Piano Keys

This lesson shows you the layout of a piano. There are a total of 88 keys on a piano including 36 black keys and 52 white keys. Two groups of black keys can be found on the piano.
<A> is a group of 2 black keys.
<B> is a group of 3 black keys.
These groups of black keys repeat across the keyboard.

Once you recognize the black keys, you can name all the white keys.
The C note is the name given to the white key to the left of 2 black notes.
The F note is the name given to the white key to the left of 3 black notes.

It's very easy to remember all the notes on the piano. There are only 7 key names that repeat across the keyboard. The seven keys are named with 7 letters; C, D, E, F, G, A, B.
Middle C is the C located in the middle of a piano, C*.

The left side of the middle C is the lower end of the piano, commonly played by the left hand. It is also called the bass clef area.

The right side of the piano (to the right of middle C), usually played by the right hand, is the higher end. It is also called the treble clef area.

Now that you understand the layout of a piano, you're ready to take our next few piano lessons for beginners!

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