Online Piano Lessons

Interested in learning how to play piano? You have come to the right site. Our online piano lessons are designed for beginner and intermediate players. These free music lessons are also designed for all ages, regardless of whether you are an adult or a child. Don't forget to sign up for our free piano tips newsletters by entering your name and email address on the left column.

Let's start with the beginner piano lessons: piano keys, piano notes, time signatures, key signatures and many more. In addition, we also have many online video lessons and piano tutorials to help intermediate and more advanced players. These lessons cover piano scales, piano chords, how to practice piano, piano fingering, and piano improvisation. Sight reading is also one of the areas we featured. Piano sight reading is an important skills to be mastered by players of all levels. The sight reading piano lesson shows you how to identify music notes and intervals. This piano technique helps you understand how to read music. You will gain much from our online piano lessons. Please scroll down to click on different piano lessons now.