Teach Piano: Making A Living (Ebook & Audio)
how to teach piano

Teach Piano: Making A Living (Ebook & Audio)

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How To Become A Piano Teacher

The 89-page ebook comes with MP3 audio.

Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Getting started
  • The benefits—and challenges—of teaching in your own studio
  • Learning what works best through trial and error
  • A bit about me and my journey from student to teacher
  • Staying encouraged

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Studio

  • Deciding where you’re going to do business (your home, church/school, students’ homes, etc.)
  • Pros and cons of each approach
  • What to know before opening your home to students (insurance, upkeep, location of your piano, etc.)

Chapter 3: Getting Going

  • Office supplies and equipment you’ll need (and where to get the lowest prices)
  • Business name, logo and pricing decisions
  • Business partners (accountant, tuner, etc.)
  • Registered business name or “DBA” (Doing Business As)

Chapter 4: Practice Policies

  • What to include in the policy (and why)
  • Individual lessons
  • Group lessons—yes or no? If yes, what are the arrangements?
  • Tardiness, cancellations, no-shows, late fees
  • Makeup lessons (under what circumstances?)
  • Sickness (yours or your students’)
  • Practice expectations
  • Study of music theory
  • Student instruments
  • Annual recitals vs. more frequent “mini-recitals”

Chapter 5: Spreading the Word

  • Marketing your studio
  • Local communications
  • Internet marketing
  • Word of mouth/references

Chapter 6: Getting New Students

  • 25 ways to get new students

Chapter 7: Lesson Plans & Materials

  • Structuring your lesson plan
  • Materials to use
  • Building up a music library: Beginning Essentials

Chapter 8: Practice, Scales & Theory

  • Motivating students to practice (incentives)
  • Motivating students to learn their scales
  • Motivating students to pay attention to theory

Chapter 9: Recital Season

  • Organizing your first recital

Chapter 10: Troubleshooting

  • Typical student problems
  • Common solutions

Chapter 11: In Conclusion

  • About the Author
Helpful Checklists
We’ve done lots of the preliminary work for you, with valuable checklists for Starting Your Business, Marketing Your Studio, New Students and Having a Great Recital.
Sample Studio Policy
To operate your studio smoothly and fairly, it helps to establish policies; use these examples as thought starters—or just insert your studio’s name and go.
Sample Lesson Plan 1
Looking for a good basic lesson plan? Look no further than this great sample.
Sample Lesson Plan 2
Looking for a good transfer lesson plan? You’ll get one of these, too.
5) BONUS—Templates Helpful templates you can print, copy or modify as needed—for Assignment Sheets and Lesson Calendars, etc.
If you ever see a child student becoming overwhelmed during individual lessons, these games can help make learning fun.
7) BONUS—Resources Helpful tools, organizations and services that can make running your studio a breeze.

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