Keyboard Tots (Downloadable Piano Lessons)
Keyboard Tots (Downloadable Piano Lessons)

Keyboard Tots (Downloadable Piano Lessons)

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"You Too Can Teach Young Children How To Play Piano"

Do you know that:
  1. Early exposure to music not only enhances a child's ability to create and enjoy music, but also fosters other aspects of brain development
  2. Early exposure to music can improve IQ scores, motor coordination and social skills.
  3. Those children who receive piano training performed 34% higher on tests that measure spatial-temporal ability than others.
A young age is the perfect time to get children to love and appreciate music.

The downloadable course comes with:

  1. Downloadable and printable 29-page workbook
  2. This will keep your little guy or girl busy, fulfilled and engaged for many weeks.

  3. Interactive Computer exercises - There are a total of five different types of computer exercises.
    • Keys and Letters
    • Keys Recognition
    • High and Low Keys
    • Rhythm
    • Fingering

  4. Downloadable Video Tutorials - There are 10 video tutorials to help your young student learn how to play piano.
    • Introduction to Piano
    • Piano Keys
    • Black and White Keys
    • Sounds and Pitch
    • Quarter and Half Notes
    • Posture and Piano Playing
    • C, D, E Keys
    • "Mary Had a Little Lamb" Song
    • F, G, A, B Keys
    • "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" Song

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