We Wish You A Merry Christmas Piano Tutorial

Posted by Piano Mother on 11/29/2020 to Christmas Songs

In this video tutorial, I use the popular Christmas song, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, to demonstrate how to practice a new song. I have listed the guidelines below.

  1. Sections - Break the song into a few sections before you start practicing. Practice one section at a time.
  2. Fingering - Look at the first few measures. In this case, I start with a G note and play it with the thumb of my right hand. The 3rd measure has D and E notes. So I will play them with the 4th and 5th fingers of my right hand.
  3. Rhythm - Clap out the rhythm. I start with the 3rd beat in this case.
  4. Right hand and left hand - Practice the song with your right hand and left hand separately. After you become comfortable with each one of the hands, practice the section with both hands.

There are also a few Don'ts:

  1. Don't write letters on sheet music if you want to improve your sight reading skills.
  2. Don't practice the whole song in a day. Practice 2-4 measures at one time.
  3. Don't cross over your fingers to play higher notes. Move your hand to the right instead.

Hope these tips will help you practice new songs more effectively in the future. Here is the sheet music of the song. Feel free to leave your comment in the comment area.

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