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Turn Your Love Of Playing Piano Into A Good Living
By Becoming A Piano Teacher in your community!

It’s FUN.
And it can be VERY LUCRATIVE…

You’ve always enjoyed playing the piano—learning traditional songs, crafting your own new melodies, entertaining family and friends—but in the back of your mind, you’ve always wondered:

"Could I TEACH the piano, too, and make a good living at something I enjoy so much?"

Now, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

Meet your personal piano-teacher teacher—Yoke Wong.

Greetings! I’m your personal piano-teacher teacher—Yoke Wong. In the past 10 years, I’ve been fortunate enough to teach thousands of piano players worldwide, ranging from 3 to 91 years old. And, as an accomplished player for over 30 years, my DVD courses have been sold in more than 90 countries. More importantly, through this EBook, I’m fully dedicated to helping you reach your goals as quickly and easily as possible. And now, with this exclusive package, I can show you how YOU can become a successful piano teacher, too!

It’s a better time than ever to become a successful piano teacher. Just consider these facts:

  1. People still love the piano and want to learn.
    Over 80% of U.S. survey respondents agree that music is a “very important” part of their lives—and among those who don’t play an instrument, two-thirds still want to learn!
  2. Piano is a skill that students can carry forward into the rest of their lives.
    The same cannot be said of most sports—or of the Wii, for that matter. And piano education builds important skills that can be carried beyond musical performance—such as breaking down a goal into smaller sub-goals or persistence in a task despite challenges.
  3. Interest in learning keyboard skills remains strong.
    Although sales of full-sized pianos have declined recently along with downturns in the housing market, sales of keyboard synthesizers, controller keyboards (that connect to computers) and portable keyboards remain strong.

    The bottom line: parents still want to sign up their children for piano lessons—and adults still dream of studying the piano…

So, where do you start?
Today, it’s easy to start making a living teaching piano in your community. You just need the right tools and the right information, and you’ll be on your way.

That’s why I’ve created this exclusive new E-Book for piano players who want to become piano teachers. It’s called “Teach Piano: Making a Living & Loving It,” and it includes all the tips, tricks and techniques you’ll need to set up your piano teaching business, starting today!

Here are just some of the main points covered in this valuable E-Book that will have you teaching piano in your community—and making good money at it—in no time:

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Chapter 1: Introduction

bullet Getting started
bullet The benefits—and challenges—of teaching in your own studio
bullet Learning what works best through trial and error
bullet A bit about me and my journey from student to teacher
bullet Staying encouraged

Chapter 2: Setting Up Your Studio

bullet Deciding where you’re going to do business (your home, church/school, students’ homes, etc.)
bullet Pros and cons of each approach
bullet What to know before opening your home to students (insurance, upkeep, location of your piano, etc.)

Chapter 3: Getting Going

bullet Office supplies and equipment you’ll need (and where to get the lowest prices)
bullet Business name, logo and pricing decisions
bullet Business partners accountant, tuner, etc.)
bullet Registered business name or “DBA” (Doing Business As)

Chapter 4: Practice Policies

bullet What to include in the policy (and why)
bullet Individual lessons
bullet Group lessons—yes or no? If yes, what are the arrangements?
bullet Tardiness, cancellations, no-shows, late fees
bullet Makeup lessons (under what circumstances?)
bullet Sickness (yours or your students’)
bullet Practice expectations
bullet Study of music theory
bullet Student instruments
bullet Annual recitals vs. more frequent “mini-recitals”

Chapter 5: Spreading the Word

bullet Marketing your studio
bullet Local communications
bullet Internet marketing
bullet Word of mouth/references

Chapter 6: Getting New Students>

bullet 25 ways to get new students

Chapter 7: Lesson Plans & Materials

bullet Structuring your lesson plan
bullet Materials to use
bullet Building up a music library: Beginning Essentials

Chapter 8: Practice, Scales & Theory

bullet Motivating students to practice (incentives)
bullet Motivating students to learn their scales
bullet Motivating students to pay attention to theory

Chapter 9: Recital Season

bullet Organizing your first recital

Chapter 10: Troubleshooting

bullet Typical student problems
bullet Common solutions

Chapter 11: In Conclusion

bullet About the Author

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Get ALL of these FREE bonuses and more (at least a $75 value!)
In addition to all the great content in “Teach Piano: Making a Living and Loving It!”, you’ll also receive, absolutely FREE, these valuable bonuses:

Helpful Checklists
We’ve done lots of the preliminary work for you, with valuable checklists for Starting Your Business, Marketing Your Studio, New Students and Having a Great Recital.
Sample Studio Policy
To operate your studio smoothly and fairly, it helps to establish policies; use these examples as thought starters—or just insert your studio’s name and go.
Sample Lesson Plan 1
Looking for a good basic lesson plan? Look no further than this great sample.
Sample Lesson Plan 2
Looking for a good transfer lesson plan? You’ll get one of these, too.
5) BONUS—Templates Helpful templates you can print, copy or modify as needed—for Assignment Sheets and Lesson Calendars, etc.
If you ever see a child student becoming overwhelmed during individual lessons, these games can help make learning fun.
7) BONUS—Resources Helpful tools, organizations and services that can make running your studio a breeze.

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Whatever works best for you, we just want to make sure you have the chance to enjoy this amazing package of tips, tricks and techniques on how to make a good living as a successful piano teacher—just like you’ve always dreamed.

Order today—and you’ll be on your way!


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