Play Piano with Fake Book 2

The first series was such a smash hit, that...

Piano players demanded more, so we listened. Here it is : Another collection of popular songs you can learn to play quickly and easily -without taking years of lessons - using our "Play Piano with Fake Book Series 2" package!

Play Piano with Fake Book" (Series I) has helped scores of satisfied customers discover that playing the piano can be one of life's greatest joys and pleasures -creating beautiful music, entertaining family and friends, and expressing your inner creativity.

It was incredibly well received, and many of you asked for more, so here it is - Play Piano With Fake Book Series II!

If you haven't already discovered them (you can click here to learn more about Series I), "Fake Books" can help you quickly and easily learn new songs.

While there's nothing fake about the results these books deliver, each song in a fake book contains just the melody line, basic chords, and lyrics - the minimal information needed by a musician (that's you!) to play an impromptu arrangement of a song, or, in other words, "fake it."

So, how do you get started using this innovative technique for faster, better, and easier piano playing?
With Series II, it's easy to start playing piano the "fake-book way". It's yet another comprehensive package including a fake book and 3 DVDs that can get you started immediately. Once again, you can literally trim years off your learning curve of playing the piano - because we take you by the hand and show you a simple and quick method to get you where you want to be!

Meet your personal piano teacher -  Greetings! Salutations! Saluti! Groeten! I'm your personal piano-teacher - Yoke Wong. Over the past 10 years, I've had the privilege of teaching thousands of piano players worldwide, ranging from 3 to 91 years of age. And, as an accomplished player, my DVD courses have been sold in over 90 countries worldwide!

Remember: Within fifteen minutes, you can be watching and playing along!
In the "Play Piano with Fake Book" (Series II), you'll receive another great fake book complete with eight more of the most popular piano songs, along with 3 60-minute DVDs demonstrating proper fake-book playing tips, tricks, and techniques to get you started right away. And, while the course covers just eight all-time piano classics, you can actually utilize these techniques to play any song you want!

Just like Series I, this course is NOT recommended for total beginners. It merely requires that you're able to read the treble-clef melody notes. If you can do that, then this piano course is perfect for you!

Just imagine being able to play all these popular songs and learn all these new playing techniques - literally within minutes...

DVD #1 (Approx. 60 minutes)

"Moon River"
We show you how to dress up the song using the following:

  • Reverse broken chords
  • Expanded octave style with rolling chords
  • Grand expanded 10th styles


  • Venturing into cocktail-style piano playing




  • Ballad broken style
  • Rhythmic octave
  • Expanding a basic chord into progressive ballad style
  • Responsive echo with right hand
  • Suspended chord runs

play piano fake book order

DVD #2 (Approx. 60 minutes)

"Autumn Leaves"

  • Beginner styles
  • Tango styles
  • Glissando, partial Glissando
  • Light swing
  • Composing your own song using the Principle of 6th

"Mona Lisa"

  • Using colorful runs to end a song
  • Double hands melody
  • 3rd runs
  • Chord substitution


play piano fake book order

DVD #3 (Approx. 60 minutes)

"The Way We Were"

  • Walking bass melody
  • Color fillers, repetitive fillers


"I left My Heart in San Francisco"

  • Chime echo
  • Responsive echo
  • Doubling echo
  • Sentimental ballad
  • Swing base

"Unchained Melody"

  • Expanded ballad 10th style
  • Ballad 10th backward style
  • Country octave swing
  • Tremolo 3rd and 6th
  • Three fingers tremolo & open tremolo voicing
  • Advanced concerto style


"It Is The Best Thing I Ever Got My Hands On"


I have received your fake book course and it is the best thing I ever got my hands on. I have been looking for this very thing for years and years. It is so great to watch you use so many techniques with each song and be able to see what you are talking about. I've been able to apply them with so many of my other fake books. I hope you make more videos of songs from fake books. They say improvisation is something that can't be taught, you must feel it. They are all so wrong. Believe me, you have taught me!!! I have tried to play from fake books for years but had no idea what or how to do it. I never felt or knew how to feel it until I watched your videos. I have just about all of your courses and they are all wonderful. You have taught me so much.

Thank You! Love!

Marie Schuster, Naples, USA



"This Course Has Propelled Me Forward At Lightening Speed"


Ms. Wong; I cannot say enough good things, positive things about your courses. This particular course; i.e., featuring Fake Book has propelled me forward at lightening speed. And the 12 page Chord chart; exceptional and I'm not being flowery here because I have collected many many Chord Charts over the years and this one tops them all. I pick up a lead sheet, copy all of the chords associated with the lead sheet song and "let the practice begin". What a wonderful teacher you are. I'm 74 in July and had not touched the piano since I was 15 and decided to finally do something with it before I die and you have been a God send. I cut new synapses in my brain everyday which is my insurance/protection against Alzheimer's. Prayers and all the best in your work.

Jim Strotman, USA



  • Basic/color chords and formation
  • Fingering
  • Inversions and techniques

Series II is certainly a special package - and for a limited time, you can own the course with the bonus DVD!

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play piano fake book order

Our goal is to make sure you have the chance to enjoy this amazing new package full of faster and easier piano-playing techniques.

Are YOU ready to try Series II? Order today - and you'll be on your way to making beautiful music!


"30-Day Money Back Guarantee"
Iron-Clad, No Risk Guarantee!
Because This Material Just Flat-Out Works! You Get Our No-Hassle Guarantee! If You Aren't Delighted With This Home-Study Course, You Will Get A Prompt And Courteous Refund.

Yes, - I Can't Wait To Get "Play Piano with Fake Book Series 2" Course

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