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Quickly and Easily Learn to Play Popular Songs in Piano Fake Books

Playing piano is one of life’s great joys - creating beautiful music, entertaining family and friends and expressing your inner creativity. But until now, it typically took years of lessons and persistence to be able to sit down and play popular songs when the opportunity arises.

Now, that’s all changed—thanks to the “Fake Books” that can help you quickly and easily learn new songs. While there’s nothing fake about the results these books deliver, each song in a fake book contains just the melody line, basic chords and lyrics—the minimal information needed by a musician (that’s you!) to play an impromptu arrangement of a song, or fake it;

So, where do you get started using this new technique for faster, better, easier piano playing?

Today, it’s easy to start playing piano the fake-book way. That’s because we’ve compiled a comprehensive package including a fake book and 3 DVDs that can get you started right away. You can literally trim years off your learning curve of playing the piano—because we take you by the hand and show you an easier, faster way to get where you want to be!

Meet your personal piano teacher - Yoke Wong

Hi, my name is Yoke Wong, I have taught thousands of piano players worldwide in the past decade, ranging from 3 to 91 years old. Just Google “Yoke Wong,” and you’ll learn even more about what I have done in the piano teaching career. In fact, my piano courses (quite a few of them) have been sold in more than 90 countries.

If you can read simple treble-clef melody notes, you can quickly and easily learn to play popular songs using our "Play Piano With Fake Book" system!

In the “Play Piano with Fake Book package, you'll receive a fake book complete with over 100 most popular piano songs, along with three 60-minute DVDs demonstrating proper fake-book playing tips, tricks and techniques to get you started right away. And, while the course covers just nine all-time piano classics, you can plug these techniques into any song you want!

The course is NOT for total beginners, but all it requires is that you’re able to read the treble-clef melody notes. If you can do that, this is the piano course for you!

Just imagine being able to play all these popular songs and learn all these new playing techniques literally within minutes.

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DVD #1

"Can't Help Falling in Love"
• Expand your repertoire with block chord techniques (great for beginners!)
• Learn the impressive alternate block hand style
• Gain valuable tips for playing complicated chords; and more!

"Smoke Gets in Your Eye"
• Use rolling chords to make your left hand more rhythmic and colorful
• Make your song more swingy; using swing bass and rolling chords
• Improvise melodies with a variety of tricks and ornaments, syncopated rhythm, anticipation, delayed techniques and more (perfect for players at all levels)



"You Gave Me the Information I Have Been Looking For"

"Hi Yoke, I have received my fake book playing material. I watched the first song and I am absolutely delighted. First you chose a song that I would actually like to play. :-)

Then you gave me the information I have been looking for in a manner that I can understand. Thank you so much. Frankly I have gotten other systems and have been disappointed. I am so excited about this and look forward to hours and hours of fun with this material."

Janet Croft, USA

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DVD #2

“Never on Sunday”
• Employ fun, interactive left and right-hand techniques you can use over and over again on many songs
• Use tremolo to create dramatic melodic effects
• Use short, detached notes along with doubling effects to create lively melodies

"Chariots of Fire"
• Create grand, spectacular left-hand bass
• Learn easy memorization techniques
• Apply left-hand Bolero patters along with super-strong bass

• Use cycling chords to create dazzling compound effects
• Learn the syncopated, rhythmic left-hand waltz style
• Use broken chords with alternate bass
• Replace simple chords with chord-substitution techniques (used only by professionals)


"And Now Because of You, I Have Finally Succeeded"

"Hi Yoke: I am working on my second DVD and cannot tell you how much I've learned from you. I have played for years with the "traditional" lessons, year after year, after year. But no one seemed to understand what I wanted. And now because of you, I have finally succeeded. Fabulous course!!"

Marie, USA

play piano fake book order

DVD #3

"Somewhere Out There"
• Pick up the Rubato playing concept; which brings out the singing tone of the music
• Use non-traditional arpeggios and a ballad style to make your melody flow like a river
• Stop paying attention to your arpeggio notes and let your hands guide you in bringing out the ballad

“Hey Jude”
• Bring out the melody using a cross-hand style (a simple technique that can give you a huge performance advantage)

"Raindrops Keep Falling"
• Jazz up your melody with professional techniques
• Use accents, syncopation and doubling techniques to create a relaxing swing/jazz effect

"My Favorite Things"
• Use the effective Dancing Waltz pattern
• Alternate your left hand with simple waltz, root-fifth bass pattern, block chord, rolling chords, alternate bass rhythm—and more!

"I Just Wish That I Had Had This Course Available To Me Years Ago"

"I have listened to all 3 DVD from your 'Fake Book' course. I am very happy with it. There is so much information in it, and I find it all very helpful to me in trying to play from the fake book. I also have your course on 'Improvisation', with which I am also very pleased. I have been playing the piano for many years, (74 years) since I was 6 years old. I just wish that I had had these courses available to me years ago, but as they say "better late than never" I surely will make up for lost time, and at the same time enjoy every minute of it. "

Gordon Binns, USA

It’s a special package—and for a limited time, it’s a VERY special deal!

We’re so excited to get this amazing piano-playing package in your hands, we’re offering an especially sweet deal for a very limited time.

Yes, - I Can't Wait To Get "Play Piano with Fake Book"

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