Mastering The Art Of Piano Sight Reading (DVD Lessons)
Piano Sight Reading by Yoke Wong

Mastering The Art Of Piano Sight Reading (DVD Lessons)

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Format: DVD and book

Skill Level: beginner, intermediate, and early advanced

The video lessons show you how to:

  • Read both treble clef and bass clef notes at the same time;
  • Play the right keys without looking at the keyboard;
  • Recognize music notes fast;
  • Count the rhythm of any piece accurately while reading the notes;
  • Count music with eighth notes and sixteenth notes;
  • Read group notes;
  • Speed up sight reading;
  • and many more...

The course comes with 2 DVDs (2.5 hours video lessons), 1 CD (500 computer exercises), and 1 booklet (196 pages) including 150 exercises for different levels from beginner to early advanced. The downloadable version is available.


  • Introduction
  • Treble Clef, Bass Clef, Staves
  • Mirror Concept
  • Treble Clef Music Reading Jingles
  • Treble Clef Space Notes
  • Bass Clef Music Reading Jingles
  • Sight Reading Techniques

DVD 2 (Advanced Piano Sight Reading Exercises)

  • Key Signatures
  • Circle of Fifths
  • Key Signature Exercises
  • Chord Inversions
  • Alternating Patterns

Take a look at our piano sight reading sample exercises. We also provide audio recordings with the music scores:

  1. Beginner Sight Reading Exercises (Listen To Audio Sample)

  2. Intermediate Sight Reading Exercises

  3. Advanced Sight Reading Exercises

If you are an iPad or Mac computer user, you need to download an app such as Photon Browser to view and play the interactive computer exercises.

Three Easy Monthly Payments Plan -
$35 Every 30 Days


5 Stars
Mastering The Art Of Piano Sight Reading
Hello Yoke, Thank you for developing a very good sight reading course. I have played for a couple of years but always had to memorize the songs and look at the keyboard. That was OK for a couple of songs but it took a long time to learn. Now, in a few weeks I am reading the notes without looking at the keyboard. The flash cards are a very good tool also. Bob Barnhart
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Reviewed by:  from Cape Coral, Florida. on 2/3/2014
5 Stars
Pretty exciting for an "old" guy of 73 who's always loved piano music
10 months ago, my piano playing skills were poor. I'd taken lessons in the 80s, and loved to sight-read, but had let my playing go in the intervening years. I saw your online ad for sight-reading course, and told my wife I'd like the course for Christmas. Well, since then, I've practiced daily (literally), and worked your sight-reading course hard, plus have added another online sightreading site to my routine. I've gotten noticeably better, to my own ears, and have started back with my Bach 2 part inventions. I can improvise much better, and the piano is giving me so much enjoyment these days. I figure, I'll keep this up and see where I am a year from now! Pretty exciting for an "old" guy of 73 who's always loved piano music but missed out as a kid with lessons. I'm making up for lost time, now that I'm retired. Thank you SO MUCH for your online courses- they are wonderful! And thanks for the chance to play!
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Reviewed by:  from California, United States. on 9/27/2012
5 Stars
This course is Great!, Practice at your pace, stick with it, and you will definitely see results. It's helped me tremendously! Thanks Yoke!
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Reviewed by:  from Texas. on 7/11/2012
5 Stars
Makes sight reading fun while you learn!
I am slowly learning to sight read. I like the way Yoke Wong makes a game out of learning the notes above and below the staff. She makes learning a very positive experience.
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Reviewed by:  from CT. on 5/17/2012
5 Stars
The sight reading exercises have been extremely helpful!!
The sight reading exercises have been extremely helpful!! And thank you for being honest about how important it is for us to practice!! You said you can't help us, more less, unless we are committed to do our part. And that is PRACTICE!! I have read so many programs on line, that lead you to believe, that somehow, by magic, you will start playing if you get the course. I love to practice now, because, you make it fun and exiciting. Ok, the sight reading can get a bit boring, but the pay offs are well worth the effort!!
I appreciate you sharing your many years of training and the knowledge you have gained. I can see, you have given MUCH thought to your slight reading program. The simple exercises you provide are amazing! They have helped me sight read, so much faster!! Plus playing the flash computer games have been a great help..... learning to read intervals, cool!! This is a BIG shortcut for me as I am returning to the piano, as an adult. It has helped with Moonlight Sonata, as well as Leibestraume, which I am still working on, I love that song! Like you I took classical lessons for several years, yet would not dare to try and play Happy Birthday without sheet music!
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Reviewed by:  from Illinois. on 1/1/2012

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