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From: Yoke Wong

Washington, USA

Dear Fellow Pianist,

Let me tell you a story!

Many years ago, my piano teacher complained about my piano playing. She said my rhythm was not accurate, neither did I have a sense of rhythm.

It was humiliating.

To be honest, I felt like a total failure and was disappointed with myself.

I Was Mad At Myself...How Could This Be So Hard

My goodness! I could not count the music while I played. It was so hard to juggle piano playing, how could one play piano enjoyably when they are so many notes to sight read and count? I had a hard time counting because it was so hard.

Yet, my teacher didn't seemed to understand my rhythm dilemma. Deep in my heart I knew I wasnt alone.

Do you struggle with counting accurate rhythm while playing piano?

Do you feel that your sense of rhythm is weak and needs some guidance?

Do you realize rhythm was your weak point but you just couldn't figure out ways to improve on it?

Music rhythm is important to piano learning because without rhythm, the song falls apart. Rhythm gives the drive to the song. It is the heart beat and soul of the song.

There Must Be A Way

I started spending hours researching rhythm techniques. I discovered that many piano players needs help with rhythms.

 I experimented with different processes and tried hundreds of exercises. I tested some theories that worked like clockwork while others failed miserably

After countless hours of research, I finally discovered the easy and effective ways to mastering piano rhythm.

The most important discovery was that I found out how to process it for my own application so I can teach others.

I have spent countless hours in the past few months designing the one and only online course you can find that specializes in piano rhythm. 

What is great about this course is that you can learn the technique at the comfort of your house. It is like you have a full-time piano coach. If you have the urge to play at 3:00 o'clock in the morning . . . I'm there for you!

This Course Is Far And Away The Best And Most Extensive Online Piano Rhythm Course Ever Created!

So what do you get?

Take A Look At Piano Rhythm Online Course:

Here is what you get:

  • 296 rhythm exercises in PDF format - total 37 pages.

  • Rhythm application - covering tango, cha cha, polish dance, polka.

  • 27 Video Clips - approximately 200 minutes viewing time

  • Bonus Section (covering shuffle, jazz waltz, bossa nova, paso doble, etc)

piano course

Take a look at the following video demos:


Piano Rhythm Exercises 1-8 Wooksheet




"What A Difference It Makes To Have Yoke Right On My Screen"

"This course is exactly what I needed. I have always had trouble counting notes when it involves sixteenth notes, triplets and combinations of different types of notes. After I tap out the rhythms with the on-line lessons, I go to my piano and practice. Then I go to some of my music and play and I can do it! What a difference it makes to have Yoke right on my screen to show me how to do it."

Carol Jasberg - Arizona, USA


"This Will Rebuild My Rhythm Foundation..."

"Rhythm is a major challenge for me, "having missed the boat", dates back from my previous piano lessons 8 years back... This Rhythm Piano Course will rebuild my basic foundation and allow me to attack songs that are unfamiliar to me! Thanks Yoke Wong!I

Boyd Maillet - Canada

"Fabulous, No Doubt As Good As The Other Course I Have Purchased From You"

"I definately see my rhythm improving. Rhythm has been one of my most difficult challenges inlearing the piano. I am usually so involved in "feeling" the music that I don't pay attention to the rhythm. Now I can "feel" the music better because I have better timing"

Nikki Goodman - California, USA


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You have NO-Risk whatsoever!

"I'm Able To Strengthen My Sense Of Rhythm, Eights & Sixteenth Notes"

" I'm a beginner in piano music learning from an experienced music teacher. With the added online musical rhythm piano course, I'm able to strengthen my sense of rhythm, esp. counting in eighths and sixteenths. I'm also looking forward to learning all the different rhythmic patterns Yoke has provided in the course. I especially love the bonuses she gives, something you don't get from others. I've recommended her to my friends. Great job, Yoke

Yew Ker Lan - Singapore

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