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"Who Else Wants To Discover The Step-By-Step System Of Mastering Piano Sight Reading?"

If you answered "ME!", then read this webpage and find out how you can improve on your music sight reading

 From: Yoke Wong

Do you ever feel like your piano sight reading skills are hindering your abilities to play piano? 

Do you admire pianists who can just pick up any piece of sheet music and play without stumbling?

Do you ever face any of the following dilemmas with your playing?

  • Considerably weak reading abilities on bass clef notes.
  • Not knowing how to count the rhythm aloud correctly while playing the notes.
  • Experiencing stop and go repeatedly when sight reading a new piece.
  • Not being able to identify the notes on sheet music quickly enough.
  • Trouble playing a new piano piece when someone hands you sheet music for accompaniment, etc.


Believe it or not, mastering piano sight reading is one of the most challenging tasks that piano players of all levels face. My piano students used to struggle with this problem often and I saw, first hand, the frustration they would encounter every time their eyes and hands would not cooperate. I also faced the same problem early on in my own piano skills development. The good news isthere is a solution to this problem! I have shared this secret with my own students to their great relief. The secret is not simply practice, but practice with the correct system. I have mastered this system and now I want to share it with you too.

Now You Too Can Be A Proficient Piano Sight Reader!

We have spent countless hours in the past few months designing the one and only course to be found anywhere that specializes specifically in piano sight reading practice.

Just take a look at all the features and benefits our newly launched Mastering The Art Of Piano Sight Reading has to offer:

sight reading music


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This course comes with two DVDs including the bonus DVD with advanced sight reading techniques, one CD of computer exercises for note recognition, harmonic intervals and melodic intervals recognition and a manual of 196-page sheet music exercises.


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"I Had Never Sight Read That Well In My Life"

Thanks for your e-mail! I can't remember if I had sent you an e-mail or not to tell you how much my piano skills and knowledge have improved. But I also want to mention how much you have helped my sight-reading!

You said that sight reading was like typing on a computer - just read the words, and your fingers should know automatically where to go. I knew I was a good & fast typer, so I decided to look at the page differently. I quizzed myself a short time with flash cards, then sat at my piano & looked at the note pages to Moonlight Sonata (a song I learned back in High School, but forgot the notes after that).

And then - suddenly what happened was magical! The notes were all of a sudden coming to me. I could recognize what they were, and my fingers were going in the right place!

It was a short time and I played the whole song from beginning to end without stopping! I slowed the tempo way down & sometimes it was irregular, but it was just so I could figure out the right notes first. But my fingers were hitting the right notes all the way through - and I went all the way through without hitting one wrong note! I plunked my way through the piece till I ended it.

Towards the end of the piece, my mouth dropped wide open - wondering what in the world was happening to me.

I had never sight read that well in my life.

Normally, in the past, I had always "learned" the notes just to learn a song - then I would memorize the finger pattern and forget what the notes were on the page. But that night - was a crucial turning point. I felt that all these years - I was breaking through a barrier that I had never been able to break for years. I have always played by ear - and I do it well - but my sight-reading had always been poor. Now, it continues to get better and better all the time. I have talked about you and have shared your name with other people that I have talked with about my recently improved piano playing. Thanks again!

Brittany Hoff, Colorado, USA


The course will reveal the following secrets of sight reading to you:

How to read both treble clef and bass clef notes at the same time.


How to count the rhythm of any piece accurately while sight reading a new piece, as well as how to count music with lots of eighth notes and sixteenth notes. 

The best way to read a group of notes at the same time.

The techniques of using lines and spaces to identify any note.

The indispensable mirror concept

sight reading piano


One of the most effective ways to sight read music by using Keyboard visualization. 


The five steps any piano player must incorporate before playing a new piece.

The absolute must memorize Jingle if you want to speed up your sight reading abilities.

Do you glance up and down between the music and your fingers while sight read a new piece? If you do, then you must watch our instructional DVD and start using the correct and proper techniques of sight reading! 

While these theories are extremely valuable, it is useless to know a multitude of theories for piano sight reading without practical experience. That is why we have compiled more than 150 piano pieces ranging from beginner to expert level for you to incorporate into your daily routine!

Take a Look at Our Piano Sight Reading Exercises:

Beginner Piano Sight Reading Exercises (pdf)
Radio Player
Intermediate Piano Sight Reading Exercises (pdf)
Radio Player
Advanced Piano Sight Reading Exercises (pdf)
Radio Player


Theory + Practice = Spectacular RESULTS!


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Sight Reading Exercises at Your Disposal

Moreover, we have hired a professional in the programming business to design a total of more than 500 computer exercises for you to drill on. The sight reading software CD exercises are categorized into note recognition, harmonic intervals recognition, and melodic intervals recognition to take your sight reading to the next level. The computer exercises were written with Adobe Flash Player which is not supported by Mac computers. If you are an iPad or Mac computer user, you need to download an app such as Photon Browser to view and play the interactive computer exercises.

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There's Absolutely No Way You Want To Miss Out On This Course....

This is a specially formulated course based on my many years of teaching experience with adults and young children. As you practice and progress, your reading will gain speed and accuracy while your hands will be able to keep up with the movement of your eyes.


Suitable For Beginners To Late Intermediate Piano Players

This course is most suitable for beginners and intermediate piano players who need guidance on piano sight reading. It took me many years to finally understand how to be an effective piano sight reader. In fact, I have seen many who have been playing piano for years, yet they still have a hard time reading piano scores. If you are one of these players, do not miss out, grab this deal and get started. . .


guarantee "30 Days Money Back Guarantee"
Iron-Clad, No Risk Guarantee!
Because This Material Just Flat-Out Works! You Get Our No-Hassle Guarantee! If You Arent Delighted With This Home-Study Course, You Will Get A Prompt And Courteous Refund.

Limited Time Only! Order Mastering The Art Of Piano Sight Reading Course and receive the following bonuses:

1. Advanced Sight Reading Techniques

advanced sight reading A unique gift especially for you! This bonus DVD (90 minutes) along with downloadable study guide features advanced sight reading techniques and valuable super sight reading secret to help you play works by the great masters such as Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart, and others. Youll learn about:

  • musical phrases
  • the circle of fifths
  • and chord inversions, alternating patterns


2. Online Sight Reading Exercises (Digital Download)

In addition to the sight reading exercises in computer CD, you can access to more sight reading exercises online. Following is an online sight reading sample exercise. You may press the "Start" button to give it a try. The sample exercises are just a small portion of the sight reading exercise collection. We have many more sight reading exercises. Our exercises include note recognition, melodic interval exercises, harmonic interval exercises and advanced note recognition.

music sight reading exercises

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This course will help you for many years to come. We know this because our customers have enthusiastically told us so. We have had many emails from previous customers who tell us that they will keep their piano video collection (which they purchased from us) to pass on to their children and grandchildren in the future. => This is your piano video classic!


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Let us make more beautiful music!

Yoke Wong

Your Online Piano Instructor


"What A Difference I Can See In My Sight Reading Now"

Oh Yoke,

Thank you so very much for taking the time to put all of this musically empowering information into a course format that is so easy to understand and learn from. I agree with your stance that practice is so very important, but was never using my practice time wisely. You have enlightened me on the best ways to use my precious time when I do practice....and the results are fantastic.  To think that all these years I've wasted so much time learning different piecespurely out of ignorance.

Sight reading has always been difficult for me, but what a difference I can see in my sight reading now. I'm so excited about where I see myself going with my piano playing.

I would like to say that your service is outstanding and that I'm looking forward to saving my pennies to get my hands on the Jazz course and the Christmas course. I believe that these courses are an investment in my playing and I know that my three young children will have the benefit of this material right from the start.


Lindy Bacon, Australia

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