Sweet Sound of Jazz Improvisation

Sweet Sounds Of Jazz Improvisation Made Easy...

Classically Trained Pianist Finally Breaks The Musical Code and Develops a Step By Step System Unleashing The Techniques To Jazz Improvisation.

Jazz Improvisation azz! It's sweet. It's vibrant. And it's the one music that was born in improvisation. Jammin' sessions in Old New Orleans - coming straight out of the infamous bawdy houses of Storyville - and right into the world. Since those first few notes began - Jazz has never gone out of vogue. It's one of the few musical forms that crosses all borders - a truly international style that almost everyone loves to listen to.

Playing It Is Even Better!

Jazz has a rhythm all its own - a beat that's unique. And to play Jazz - I mean really play Jazz - you have to improv. There's no way around it.

Yoke Playing Piano

Hi - I'm Yoke Wong. I've always been interested in music. In fact. I'm an accomplished pianist with more than 15 years experience in classical interpretations. Chopin's Etudes, Bach's Preludes and Fugues, Beethoven's Sonatas - all these technically challenging pieces are in my repertoire.

But something happened a couple of years back that really brought me up short!

I was shopping for a new piano when the sales rep who was helping me sat down to play. And boy - did he jazz it up! "In the Mood," "Love Me Tender," "When The Saint's Come Marching In" - all without a single piece of sheet music in front of him!

I was frankly amazed - and also a bit jealous. I was good - real good - but without sheet music I was literally dead in the water. I asked how many years he'd been playing. The answer shocked me even more. Less than two (!) years - "on and off " as he put it.

How in the world did he do that? Play like a jazz musician in less time than it took me just to master the basics? And all by ear!

Well - the sales rep really didn't answer me. I suspect he could - but was keeping the secret to himself. Never one to give up on a challenge, I decided to find out just how a relative novice could play jazz like a pro.

The Search Was On

I virtually haunted the bookstores and libraries, devouring anything I could get my hands on about Jazz. It seems that I was on a first name basis with every Barnes and Noble salesperson in the area.

I spent countless hours browsing through the Jazz music collections and hundreds of dollars on books and music. Anything that could help me analyze the Jazz pianist style was fair game.


I slowly came to understand that Jazz is different. It's alive - it breathes - and it's always changing - never static. I found out it's not something you can learn just by reading music. The rhythm, the dissonance, the tempo sets it apart from any other musical style. The closest I could describe it to would be Gospel. But "Gospel on Fire" - with a bit of the devil thrown in for good measure. And so "Sweet Sounds of Jazz Improv" was born.


Piano Playing Jazz! All those months and years of research, discovery, trial and error went into making this course.

Everything you'll need to play Jazz you'll find here - except of course the piano! The only other requirement (besides a DVD player) is the ability to play. Now I don't mean you have to be a virtuoso. Not by any means!

In fact, I've found that even the finest of players - instructors with PhD's in musical theory - don't have the slightest clue on how to improvise. You won't have to spend the countless hours I did "breaking the musical code." You'll get all my methods, knowledge and experience condensed and ready to apply - everything in one easy place.

But please take note - you do have to know the basics of playing piano. And like everything else in life, you'll get out what you put in. However - with some honest down to earth practicing I promise - you'll be playing Jazz Improv with the best of them. In fact - this course is so different - you'll learn how to make it sound like you're actually playing in a group - even when playing solo!

The "Sweet Sounds of Jazz Improv" DVD

Jazz Improv Made Easy This exciting DVD Course is over 2 hours long - jam packed with actual demonstrations, advice and all the "tricks of the trade" that took me years to unearth. Methods you're not going to find anywhere else - but here. Such as:

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Combine the very same techniques used by Bill Evans, George Shearing and Errol Garner. You'll learn exactly how to create their left hand style - and how the really great Jazz pianists add that special "hot pepper spice" to their musical tempo.


Commonly used by bass/guitar player to create the "steady walking tempo." With the easy-to-understand techniques from this DVD, you too will be "walking up and down" on your own keyboard or piano.


Jazz Improv!


Tickle those ivories and play fast changing, up-tempo, soul rocking Jazz - all by using dominant 7th, major 7th, minor 7th and many other dissonance intervals.

Jazz Improv!


Make no mistake - this is one of the most important techniques of playing jazz! You'll learn step by step all the combinations of syncopation, accents, staccatos touch, chromatic grace notes, and swing - virtually transforming even simple tunes into that unique smooth and cool Jazz style.

Jazz Improv!


You'll unlock the secrets of turning a bossa nova rhythm into hot jumpin' Jazz. Learn how to start and end any song using this sizzling style - we dare anyone (including yourself) to sit still after you begin! This style practically grabs you off your chair and onto the dance floor.

Jazz Improv!


Invented and made famous by the legendary Scott Joplin, it's since become part and parcel with playing Jazz. Master this thrilling stride style and you'll actually be "strumming" your piano - just like the Jazz masters!

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This one lesson alone is worth the entire DVD! Harmonize and re-harmonize the left hand chord with the right hand melody with just a few powerful principles. Anyone who hears you play will swear you tutored under a Jazz giant!


Did you know that the Dorian Mode, the Chromatic and Blues Scales are the most used when playing piano?. With the drills found on our DVD you'll be improvising themes in no time!

Jazz Improv!


Enjoy the fun and "Let's Boogie!" Learn the tricks and riffs of boogie improvisation- playing with both your right and left hand. Then when you combine both hands - even small children will take to the floor and dance! (That's what my daughter does when I start to "boogie on down!")

We literally show you how to turn simple melodies from Jesus Joy of Man's Desire, Swanee River, Love Me Tender (Aura Lee) and many, many more to hand clappin' foot stompin' Jazz tunes. In just a few short months, you'll be playing like a Professor of Jazz.

Just How Much Work Went Into This Course?

Here's just a partial list of the purchased materials:


reddotsmall-1.gif 16*16 The Rhythm Bible, Alfred Publishing,     $24.95
reddotsmall-1.gif 16*16 Jazz Hanon, Amsco Publications,     $12.95
reddotsmall-1.gif 16*16 Blues Improvisation Complete - Berklee Press,     $19.95
reddotsmall-1.gif 16*16 Chord Complete, Alfred Publishing,     $31.95
reddotsmall-1.gif 16*16 Learn To Play Jazz, International Production Groups,     $19.95
reddotsmall-1.gif 16*16 A Classical Approach To Jazz Piano, Hal Leonard Publishing,     $19.95
reddotsmall-1.gif 16*16 Fast Forward Boogie Woogie Piano, Wise Publication,     $15.95
reddotsmall-1.gif 16*16 Teach Yourself Chords & Progressions, Alfred Publication,     $9.95
reddotsmall-1.gif 16*16 Blues & Jazz Complete - Alfred Publishing,     $19.95
reddotsmall-1.gif 16*16 Jazz Riffs For Piano, Amsco Publications,     $11.99


reddotsmall-1.gif 16*16 Chick Corea Jazz Instructional Video     $35
reddotsmall-1.gif 16*16 David Brubeck CDs    $29.99
reddotsmall-1.gif 16*16 Errol Garner CDs    $29.99
reddotsmall-1.gif 16*16 Bill Evans
reddotsmall-1.gif 16*16 Oscar Peterson
reddotsmall-1.gif 16*16

Duke Ellington and many more

So you see - even this short list adds up to some real money! Plus - it doesn't take into account the days and sometimes weeks of reading and practicing put in for each of them.

Now ?add to all these the materials borrowed and worked with from the public libraries - as well as 20 years of piano tuition, and you have a boat load of time and effort invested. Much more than the average person could afford to spend.

Now ... how much do you think a course of this quality would sell for? Considering all the time and careful preparation it took to develop, you'd probably guess at least several hundred dollars. And it would be worth every penny.

But the great news is - it won't cost you anywhere near that! I've deliberately kept the price as affordable as possible. Playing piano and learning new techniques isn't just a hobby for me - it's a beautiful and important part of my life. And I want to share this joy with as many people as I possible can.

"My only regret is that I did not find this course sooner"

The jazz improvisational course is the ultimate in better understanding the jazz movements.It is an inspiring course that enabled me to play better and unfolded more knowledge and understanding of chord and scale usage in any song. My only regret is that I did not find this course sooner.I have played piano for years but now that I am teaching more, the knowledge I have gained makes me a better musician and a better teacher. I recommend this course for both professional and student.

Texas, USA


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