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"Who Else Wants To Become A Pianist Who Is Proficient In Hand Coordination, Left Hand Independence, Piano Runs And Fillers?"

Accomplished pianist finally breaks the musical code and develops a step-by-step piano lesson and system unleashing the secrets to playing piano with two hands and better hand eye coordination.

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From: Yoke Wong

Washington, USA


Dear Friend,

Believe it or not, two-hand eye coordination, along with left hand independence, remains two of the most challenging tasks to pianists of all levels. My piano students struggle with these problems often, and I see the frustration they encountered every time their hands would not cooperate. I myself faced the same problems early on in my piano skills development. The good news is there are solutions. And it is not just about practice, it is practice with the correct system.

You Are Not Alone!

piano lessonIt's one thing for you to know WHAT to do on the piano, but it's quite another thing for your hands to have the technique to pull off what your mind wants.


Think about these:

  • Don't you wish sometimes your two hands could just play the piano smoothly, correctly, with coordination, yet independently just as your brain tells them to?
  • Don't you wish your hands could create special runs and fillers when there is a long hold on the music?
  • Don't you admire pianists whose piano playing tones are unique and beautiful?

Now You Too Can Be A Better Hand Eye Coordinator!

We have spent countless hours in the past few months designing the one and only course you can find that specializes in hand coordination, left hand independence, runs and fillers, as well as tone and dynamic expression.

Now, you, too, can become a piano master who is proficient in these areas!

Take a look at the features and benefits of our newly launches hand coordination, runs & filler course:


How to make one hand play a legato/smooth musical passage while the other hand creates a bouncy, crisp, staccato touch.


order hand coordination course

How to master the technique of hand eye coordination by alternating melody with right hand and left hand. Not only do you practice the coordination, you are also composing a new piece by following our step-by-step exercise.


How to train your left hand to be more independent. We have designed many hand coordination exercises for you to achieve this goal.

How to use harmonic and melodic 3rd to create unexpected fillers and turn-arounds.


Take a look at our video clips:


How to form the transitional phrasing use harmonic and melodic 6th. This is one of the most effective way to bridge any music.


The technique of creating beautiful tones Everyone play piano with different tones. The way you capture the hearts of your listeners lies in your abilities to create beautiful tones. This is what separates a pro from an amateur.

Arpeggios Magic - You will find out why piano arpeggios are the building blocks of all runs. And why you need to know them inside and out, if you truly want to be a master of piano runs. We provide many exercises for you to warm up using this unique technique. We also show you how to create your own runs by taking out certain arpeggios notes and adding in additional notes. Arpeggio fingering are also shown.


Click on our video clip:



Contrary Motions One of the most effective ways to add in runs and fillers is by using contrary motions. We will show you how to incorporate the dynamic (volume control) along with contrary motions to enhance your piano playing skills.


Expressive piano playing Great composer, Chopin is the master of expressive piano playing. We will demonstrate how you can imitate his playing to strengthen your own style by using combinations of dynamics control, contrary motions, and articulations.


How to use root-fifth-octave style whenever you have a piece that is in 6/8 measure.


The secrets of using melody to create runs This is one of the techniques that can truly transform your runs and fillers abilities. Tune in with us as we show case this technique on some songs.


Using Chords. One of the most powerful ways of forming any runs and fillers is by using chords. Simple basic chords with traditional rhythm just will not cut it. That is why many runs sound boring and repetitive when it is done incorrectly. Let us show you the correct way of doing it.

If you are willing to spare 15-30 minutes a day for the next several weeks, we will show you what piano masters practice throughout their life time of piano playing in order to become a true proficient two hand coordinator. A total of 25 progressive exercises to keep you focused.


How to combine dynamics, contrary motions, articulation, and arpeggios to create your own personal style.


What is the best piano fingering for fillers and runs? Do you know which group of fingers gives you the best combinations? We will show you why certain fingers are used more frequently and why you may want to do.


Take a careful look at the course:

Hand Coordination Piano DVD Lessons

DVD Version $79



Hand Coordination Downloadable Piano Lessons

Downloadable Version $69


This is a specially designed 3 DVD course (each DVD is about 60 minutes long) with a practice binder (91 pages) to help piano players of all levels to improve on their piano playing skills.

Navigate through 25 DVD chapters and 3 hours of instructions and tips. The DVDs are professionally edited by video company. It will play in any region.


"Very Creative, Well Organized And Detailed Oriented"


I am writing to let you know that I like your "Hand Coordination, Runs and Fillers" course very much. I started to self-learn piano for about a year using another piano software. I have been trying many books and audio courses to improve my piano playing, but I have to say that I like your courses the most because they are very creative, well organized and details oriented. Thank you for all of your research and hardwork. God bless you always.

Chi Hoang, Revere, Massachusetts, USA

There's Absolutely No Way You Want To Miss Out....

We are so certain that everybody will benefit from this one and only Hand Coordination, Runs & Fillers home study course.

The course has been put to test. In fact, during the development of this course, my own piano playing improved significantly. And I have played piano for almost 30 years. So, don't think you are too advanced for this course.

The course has also been tested on my students, who range from beginners to advanced level skills.

They love it.

My youngest student who is not even 5 years old started to make up her own so called spider and ants runs on the piano.


This is a specially formulated course based on my many years of teaching experiencing with adults and young children. As you practice and progress with the course, your right hand will gain speed and accuracy while the left hand will be able to play more independently.


We value you as a special customer, you can secure the "Hands Coordination, Runs and Fillers" for only $99 $79 USD.



"You Have Taught Me In 1 Month What My Piano Teachers Could Not In 3 Years"

I just finished your 3 dvd series on Hand Coordination, Runs & Fillers and can't wait to get into other DVD series. Fantastic lessons and the best money I ever spent on piano lessons. I am 67 years old and have always wanted to play the piano. You have taught me in 1 month what my teachers could not in 3 years!!!

If I lived in your area, I would be taking private lessons from you!!!!

God Bless and keep up the good work.

Tony LoCoco, Illinois, USA



Late Beginners And Intermediate Piano Players

This course is most suitable for late beginners and intermediate piano players who need guidance on hand coordination. It took me many years to finally understand how to coordinate both hands effectively. In fact, I have seen many piano players who have been playing piano for years and still have a hard time coordinating their hand movements. If you are one of these players, do not miss out ......


Your Piano Video Classics

This course will help you for many years to come. We know this because our customers have told us. We have had many emails from previous customers who tell us that they will keep their piano video collection (which they purchased from us) to pass on to their children in the future.




"30 Days Money Back Guarantee"
Iron-Clad, No Risk Guarantee!
Because This Material Just Flat-Out Works! You Get Our No-Hassle Guarantee! If You Arent Delighted With This Home-Study Course, You Will Get A Prompt And Courteous Refund.

A New Piano Playing Experience Is Waiting For You!

Imagine, in a few months, you will be creating your own runs and fillers while your friends and family are spending the holiday singing Christmas songs with you.

So Its First Come, First Serve...
Absolutely, Positively NO Exceptions.

The reason why you need to get your copy of this course today is simply this Without this vital knowledge, youre truly missing the boat on playing piano improvisation. Without this course you will always struggle with hand coordination when you play. If you truly want to take your piano playing to the next level and improve on your coordination skill, then order now.

You simply can't pass this up!


Yes, - I Can't Wait To Get Hand Coordination, Runs And Fillers Course

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Dedicated to Improving Your Piano Playing,

Yoke Wong

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