Fairy Waltz

Fairy Waltz is a lilting, dancing "make-believe" tune by a composer who called himself Ludovic Streabbog—fitting, since even that name is "make-believe." It's actually one of the noms de plume, or "pen names," that Belgian composer Jean Louis Gobbaerts (1835–1886) used when he published music! (Can you tell where he came up with this name? Hint: it has to do with rearranging letters.)

Born in Antwerp, Gobbaerts studied at the Brussels Conservatory, and once trained, spent much of his life in that city teaching, performing, and composing. And compose he did:  Fairy Waltz is barely the tip of the iceberg. Gobbaerts is credited with over 1,200 piano pieces alone, and his method books and studies are still used with piano students today. 
Interestingly enough, Streabbog/Gobbaerts didn't just play word games with his own name; one of his pieces, named "The Isle of Ecalpon," makes a fictitious island out of the words "no place" spelled backwards!

If you decide to play more of Gobbaerts' work than Fairy Waltz, just remember that he used his "Streabbog" pseudonym for a great many works—often varying the first name between Ludovic and Levi. Now that you know a few of the possible "disguises" he had, however, researching more works besides Fairy Waltz might be a bit easier; in fact, we know Gobbaerts more now by his Streabbog "disguise" than he is by his actual given name.

Whatever name you want to call its composer, however, Fairy Waltz is a pleasant, melodic piece to add to your repertoire. Just don't play it backwards very often!

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Fairy Waltz - Streabbog Piano sheet music