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Imagine Slashing Years Off Your Learning Curve By Tapping Into My System That Ive Refined Into A Step-By-Step, Easy To Follow Home-Study Course That Have You Improvise On The Piano Expressively In As Little As Weeks!  


yoke wong

From: Yoke Wong

Washington, USA


Dear Fellow Pianist,

Playing the piano is such an uplifting activity its almost therapeutic. But have you ever been stumped? Confused? Overwhelmed when it comes to playing without sheet music?

Let me tell you a true story.

Twenty-one years ago on a Saturday night I was at a get together with friends. About an hour into the party I was asked to liven up the evening with a few songs on the piano.

To my astonishment a shocking truth was revealed that night about my decades of lessons, practice and playing . . . there was one thing I could not do . . . I could not improvise!

So there I sat at the piano with NO sheet music and a crowd eagerly waiting for me to entertain them.

I froze like a deer caught in the headlights. It was as if the wind got knocked out me. My hands felt like they were chained to cement blocks . . . I couldnt move. Seconds seemed like hours. I just sat there staring at the keys. The overbearing silence was so thick I could have sliced it with a knife.

I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life. I mumbled something about not feeling well and quickly made my exit.

Not only was I embarrassed, but I was so mad at myself. How could I, who have been playing the piano for so long, not know how to play without sheet music?

I Was Angry When I Thought Of All
The Expensive Lessons, Schooling And Practice
I Had Endured . . .
How Years Of Playing Just Flew Out The Window

After ten years and over $5,600 of piano instruction from highly respected teachers why couldnt I improvise? I couldnt even play Happy Birthday by ear!

I thought I knew it all. I started playing piano at the tender age of seven. I then went on to score distinctions on my exams from the Associate Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) in England .

Why was the skill of improvisation not taught in all the piano lessons I have taken over the years? Why didnt the schools touch on this important area?

Right After This Gut-Wrenching Experience
I Started To Explore, Research And Study
All I Could About Piano Improvisation

My countless hours of research revealed to me who the piano improvisation artists were, who were the best, and what techniques, methods and routines were used by these masters. The most important discovery was that I found out how to process it for my own application so I can teach others.

For the next "many" years I was my own guinea pig. I experimented with different processes and tried thousands of techniques. I tested some theories that worked like clockwork while others failed miserably.

This Gave Me The Experience, Knowledge And Understanding To Provide You With Solid, Rigorously Tested And Proven Improvisation Piano Methods, That Will Have You Playing The Piano Without The Assistance Of Sheet Music In As Little As Weeks!

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Drawing from what works, Ive developed, refined, and distilled the Best of the Best methods to learn piano improvisation and Ive honed it down to simple steps and techniques you can grasp and comprehend.

My friends and church family noticed when I sat down to play at the piano that I no longer needed sheet music. My style was no longer stiff and rigid . . . my music had more vigor, it had more life and it was joyous and I felt so free and inspiring. All this came through in every note I played.

I was finally playing with ease and confidence as I always dreamed.

All my piano playing friends begged me to teach them my methods. I was excited to share my discovery with them and but I was way too busy. Blessed with a girl and then a boy, and trying to juggle corporate life with family life, I felt pulled in all directions. Needless to say, I chose to give up my corporate world. You might say I traded in my attaché for an apron.

And then God opened a new and meaningful chapter in my life.

Hi, my name is Yoke Wong .

Being a stay-at-home-Mom has its ups and downs. One of the bright spots is I am able to play the piano and teach as time allows.


Thats When I Finally Decided To Create
A Simple (Yet Comprehensive) Step-By-Step SystemThat Would Allow ANY Pianist Who Knows How To Read Notes And Rhythm To Improvise On Piano.

piano improvisation instruction



   Physical DVD version $149



Downloadable version $129


Its almost as if you are sitting next to me looking over my shoulder its actually better than being there live because you can watch the DVDs over and over at your convenience.

When I named my package the Definitive Piano Improvisation DVD Home-Study Course it wasnt a marketing ploy. Its called Definitive because I held nothing back. You get everything and I mean everything Ive learned, researched and tested. All my proven methods and processes are revealed in this power-packed home-study course.

Best Tool for Improvisation AwardThis course won the award of "Best Tool for Improvisation" at the NAMM show (the National Association of Music Merchants) in 2010 the cream of the crop in competition with tens of thousands of exhibiting musical products. What an honor! The methods I teach works!

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"This Is What I Was After For Years And Years And Finally Found It"

I just received your DVD course this week and can only say it's awesome. I like the clear instructions which makes it so easy to understand and apply straight away and it all sounds so beautiful. My playing has totally taken on a new dimension. Interesting...when I took music lessons years ago the teacher told me "Improvisation can't be taught, you have to feel it, you either got it in you or you haven't." How wrong he was. He should take your course. Thank you for opening up a totally new world of music making for me. This is what I was after for years and years and finally found it. I'm not a religious person but I do believe things happen the way they have to.


Roland Schupbach, Christchurch, New Zealand

Heres a sample of what you learn once you get this course in your hands:

How Improv Should Sound . . .

Youll hear improvisation in action along with detailed explanations and the techniques used on a collection of songs.

Here are just a few:

  • Amazing Grace
  • What A Friend We Have In Jesus
  • When the saints Go Marching In
  • Morning Has Broken
  • Boogies
  • 12 Bar Blues
  • Silent Night
  • Happy Birthday
  • Auld Lang Syne
  • The First Noel
  • The Holly And The Ivy
  • Jingle Bells
  • Lord I Want To Be A Christian
  • Joy To The World
  • How Great Thou Art
  • Greensleeves
  • Aura Lee (Love Me Tender)
  • Londonderry Air (O Danny Boy)
  • Canon
  • Near The Cross
  • Michael Row The Boat Ashore
  • The Entertainer

And many more . . .


Change The Rhythm Change The Style

Simple rhythm changes can instantly put more life in your song.

Youll discover my closely guarded secrets of improvisation by learning:

  • How to use triplet rhythms for a 1950s style.
  • Strengthen your ending and overall style by eighth note rhythms.
  • Instantly change a melody in meter into 4/4 or even 9/8.
  • Simple tricks to alternate between 4/4 and meter.
  • Play tangoby learning the slight adjustment from quarter notes to eighth notes
  • Master how to play a grand opening combining triplet and quarter notes.
  • Learn to use combinations of quarter and eighth notes to form exciting Latin rhythm.
  • Uncover the secret adjustments that transform songs from a ballad to swingeven country-western.
  • Youll be stunned how a slight twist can convert a traditional waltz into a jazz waltz.


Armed with this newfound knowledge your confidence will skyrocket translating into you playing with passion.

The Gem of Improvisation Chord Substitution

This is the "Holy Grail" of playing without music sheets. No course is complete without this technique and I teach you with concise and succinct instructions.

You're going to discover how to substitute any basic triad/chord with not 1, not 4, not even 5 - but at least 7 other chords. Each sounding totally different . . . some will take you by surprise.

Soon you'll be composing songs with these distinctive special effects:

RD2.JPG *Mellow and warm
RD2.JPG *Chime effect
RD2.JPG *Thunderous
RD2.JPG *Nostalgic
RD2.JPG *Dream-like
RD2.JPG *Oriental
RD2.JPG *Middle-Eastern
RD2.JPG *Country & Country-Western

As well as different animal sounds! Such as: horses galloping; camels riding; bears running; and an echo effect.


Learn How To Instantly Supercharge Your Sight Reading Abilities

By knowing chord structures and inversions, sight reading is easier than shooting fish-in-a-barrel.

RD2.JPG *Major triads/chords and inversions.

      RD2.JPG *Minor chords and inversions.
      RD2.JPG *Diminished chords and inversions.
      RD2.JPG *Augmented chords and inversions.
      RD2.JPG *Suspended chords and inversions.

RD2.JPG *Color chords and inversions.

RD2.JPG * Major 6th color chords and inversions.
      RD2.JPG *Major 7th color chords and inversions.
      RD2.JPG *Minor 7th color chords and inversions.
      RD2.JPG *Dominant 7th color chords and inversions.
      RD2.JPG *Major 2nd color chords and inversions, 9th chord, 11th chord, 13th chord.


You Get My Foolproof Method To Fill Up Those
Long Measures! I Give You 5 Little Known
Techniques That Will Have You Playing Piano Like a Pro

No more boring arpeggios or simple chords that last for only 4-8 beats! They soon become stale and weary.

These runs and fillers will give you a literal treasure trove of music that will have your listeners so captivated by your performance just as if you were in concert.

The combinations at your command are almost endless:

  "upside- down inversions"
  "2-notes inversions"
  "rhythm combinations"
  "tremolo" ...

and many, many more!

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You Learn the Easiest Technique I Know Of To Construct
12 Major Scales, 12 Minor Scales, and Pentatonic Scales

This took me many years to master and you will learn it all. Use this formula to instantly form a scale in any key. Have you heard of modal scale? I'll show you how to construct Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Myxolydian, and Aeolian modes. You'll even see how to improvise based on these scales/modes.

Few music majors know what to do with these modes or even how to form them. With this home study course you are able to apply your music theory into exciting real life improvisation.

"It Makes Music In A Minute"

"I have already worked on the 5 pentatonic scales and the 12 bar blues with the chord inversions!!! I have also worked on triplets for fill!! Wow I just can't tell you how thrilled I am to be able to pick something up and work it out that fast!!! It makes music in a minute. Can't wait for tomorrow to go again at it. Thank you so much.

Your videos are very easy to understand and you have an easy way about your teaching....I am so happy I ordered the improvisation series. The book is a real help and I just love going through it to find what I want - not what I have to!!!! Remember that I told you I have tried ALL the others and even bought them!! So I do know what I am talking about!!"

Glo Peters, Canada


Special Techniques Used By Pros

I reveal methods to use the major and its relative minor key. Create new improvised versions of familiar melodies like "The Saints Go Marching In" or any melody you wish to change. This technique separates the amateurs from the professionals.

The basics of the minor scale; natural, harmonic, and melodic. Change a song's mood by switching from the major or minor scale.

"Best Money I Have Ever Spent"

I just finished your DVD series on Piano Improvisations.  Fantastic lessons and the best money I have ever spent on piano lessons.  I am 67 years old and have always wanted to play the piano. You have taught me in 1 month what my teachers could not in 3 years!!!

 If I lived in your city, I would be taking private lessons from you!!!!

 God bless and keep up the good work.

Tony LoCoco, Illinois, USA

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The Closely-Guarded Secrets of Playing By Ear

You may not have perfect pitch, but you can certainly train yourself to have relative pitch.

You'll soon be proficient enough to associate different songs with different intervals.

You will learn how to identify the major 2nd interval by associating it with "Happy Birthday". It's true! I have five-year-old students identifying five intervals by sound after I teach them these song associations. If they can do it - so can you.

This course will show you how to internalize and retain all these intervals.

RD2.JPG *Major 2nd
RD2.JPG *Minor 2nd
RD2.JPG *Major 3rd
RD2.JPG *Minor 3rd
RD2.JPG *Perfect 4th
RD2.JPG *Perfect 5th.
RD2.JPG *Augmented 5th/Minor 6th
RD2.JPG *Major 6th

As you master these intervals, playing by ear will become almost second nature.

Harmonize Any Song with Your Left Hand

See actual demonstrations of the three most used chords, I, IV, and V - with step-by-step instructions and full detail commentary.

Learn the skills of listening to different cadences (chord progressions). You'll associate cadences with songs, training your ear to hear chord progressions.

Once you get these DVDs you'll be able to quickly identify these chord progressions:

  II-V-I (major and minor)


How to memorize faster through analyzing compositions

I teach you how the worlds greatest pianists and composers (Bach, Chopin, and Schubert) used ornaments, inversions, and chord progressions?

The Definitive Piano Improvisation DVD Home Study Course will help you understand their motives, how they wrote their music and expanded on their themes.

You Will Have a New Found Appreciation for Classical Music

Analyzing the techniques of the masters will improve your repertoire memorization skills. Not only will you be able to apply the improvisation techniques on popular songs and hymns, but on classical pieces as well.

In fact, you'll probably start listening to classical pieces with a new sense of energy instead of indifference.

Playing Rubato

Chopin used this technique on almost every one of his masterpieces. You'll hear me illustrate this concept in the "Popular Song Section" of the course. Before long you'll be a master of piano rubato!

Melody Decoration

Make your melody spectacular! I show you how to remove a single note to create open voicing. Alternatively, by adding a single note you'll create closed voicing.

Learn how to move from one chord position to another - without big hand movements. This skill is important not just for easier hand movement but for smooth voicing also.

Boogie with The Blues and Rock And Swing With Ragtime

Improvising With 12 Bar Blues, Boogies, and Rock, Swing, and Ragtime Styles

These styles have their own rhythm - and these DVDs demonstrate each one for you. If you're willing to spend just 30 minutes a day practicing and learning them - in a few months you'll be playing them yourself and entertaining your audiences beyond imagination!

Improvising Southern Gospel

Sing Hallelujah! My course will teach you how to improvise Southern Gospel. And let's be honest here - if you can't improvise Southern Gospel - you can't really play it as the Lord intended! This section is invaluable for those playing in their church choir. I know - because I do!

Country and Country Western

Have you ever seen a cowboy (or girl) reading from sheet music? Well why not learn their improvisation techniques! After you've mastered these methods, your listeners won't be able to resist singing along and two-stepping to your incredible music.

Introductions and Endings

Without Your Course, I Would Have No Idea How And Where To Start

I believe my playing has reached a different level thanks to you. I particularly enjoy the suspended chords; you can hear them in my playing now. I am also more sensitive to other music arrangements by professionals! Without your course, I would have had no idea how to start and where to start.

Thank you very much!"

Esther Chionh , New Zealand

Uncover more than 5 ways to introduce and end any song.

In fact, some of the techniques I introduce are totally unique. You'll hear them here for the first time anywhere. These endings and introductions are created using chord substitution and melody improvisation techniques.

Transposing and Modulating

Discover at least 3 ways to transpose a song: By hearing, by looking at the music, or by using the same fingering in new locations on the piano.

Yes, you'll learn the Solfege System as well as the "Moveable Do" technique. You're also going to find out how to use chord progressions to modulate from one key to another.

Heres a tip for you: The key to modulation is quite simple its the diminished 7th chord.

How to Improvise On Pentatonic and Modal Scales

Impressionistic composers such as Debussy frequently used them. Ill show you how to make up songs using all the pentatonic scales, major and minor, as well as the many modal scales.

Using Block Hand Style

Made famous by George Shearing, enhance your melody and overall piano playing with his vibrant, exciting style. Fact: Shearing - a living jazz piano legend - had to improvise because he was born blind.

Thats just the tip of the iceberg of what you will discover.

Ive basically taken my life's work of tested experiments with thousand of hours of playing and put it in a step-by-step easy to comprehend course that will have you playing piano improvisation faster than you ever dreamed.

This Course Is Far And Away The Best And Most Extensive Piano Improvisation Home Study Course Ever Created!

You get a boat load of information that will have you playing at a higher level. You will feel a deeper sense of passion when you play. You will be amazed!

And with the Definitive Piano Improvisation DVD Home Study-Course you have a full-time piano coach at your beck and call. If you have the urge to play at 3:00 oclock in the morning . . . Im there for you!

piano improvisation instruction


   Physical DVD version $149



Downloadable version $129


You get . . .

Six DVDs -- Close to 11 full hours of step-by-step easy to understand improvisation tips, techniques and connect-the-dot-instructions that have you playing piano improvisation in as little as four weeks.

RD2.JPG *One Binder -- 142 pages of improvisation outlines, applications, and exercises you can read when your piano isnt accessible.

RD2.JPG *Two CD's -- more than 120 tracks of musical samples you can pop in your CD player while youre driving.

As you can see, this Definitive Piano Improvisation DVD Home-Study Course has straight-to-the-point information you can immediately comprehend and use right now to help you to play without sheet music.

This course and all its muscle is pretty hard to describe here. And even if I did describe it more, it would not do it justice... it really is filled with power-packed, hardcore information you have to see and apply for yourself in order to realize it.

Simplified Walking Bass & Jazz Worksheets (Online Version)

These fun worksheets drill on left-hand walking bass and come with numerous interesting short and easy musical pieces for you to play and enjoy.

Digital Piano Chord Chart (Downloadable PDF Format) - all major, minor, augmented, diminished, major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th chords - a total of 12 pages.

Yoke Wong's inspirational moments digital sheet music collection (39 pdf pages).

Carl Czerny Velocity Exercises Op. 599 & 299 digital version (82 pdf pages) - A must for any pianist who wants to improve on virtuosity and technique.

OK, Yoke, Im Ready To Commit!
Gimme The Definitive DVD Piano Improvisation Home-Study Course NOW!

This entire course is $235 but available for special price (free worldwide shipping and bonuses) if you order today!

This course is darn cheap when you compare that to a piano teacher whos skillful enough to dispense this hard-hitting level of teaching, knowledge, and experience charging an hourly rate of $75 at the very least. Thats less than 3 hours of lessons . . . thats like stealing!

This course took years and thousands of man-hours to put together. I didnt just slap together a bunch of videos and tips. This is a to-the-point, concise and step-by-step home-study course that will improve your playing . . . your friends will notice the difference immediately.

So if you have any interest in picking up your own copy of The Definitive Piano Improvisation DVD Home-Study Course you really need to GET YOUR COPY RIGHT NOWDont put it off or you will lose out.



"30 Days Money Back Guarantee"

Iron-Clad, No Risk Guarantee!
Because This Material Just Flat-Out Works! You Get Our No-Hassle Guarantee! If You Arent Delighted With This Home-Study Course, You Will Get A Prompt And Courteous Refund.

free shipping


So Its First Come, First Serve...
Absolutely, Positively NO Exceptions.

The reason why you need to get your copy of this course today is simply this

Without this vital knowledge, youre truly missing the boat on playing piano improvisation. Without this course you will always need sheet music when you play.

If you truly want to play the piano without looking at sheet music and take your piano playing to the next level then order now.

If money is tight right now, I even offer an easy 3-payment plan ($52 each payment every 30 days) to help you out.

You simply cant pass this up.

Yes, - I Can't Wait To Get Definitive Piano Improvisation Course DVD Version

Retail Price: $175.00

Sale Price: $149 

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Yoke Wong

P.S.How can you lose money? In fact, youve got nothing to lose except for missing out on how to play improvisational piano if you dont get my Definitive Piano Improvisation DVD Home-Study Course. Ive got you covered with my refund guarantee, so if it doesnt work out, you get a refund.

You have NO-Risk whatsoever!

Still not convinced that the piano course is right for you?

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Here are some testimonials, there are too many (hundreds of them) to be listed, I hand picked a few:


"Anyone Can Learn From It! "

My name is Gordon Clegg. I bought your DVD last month - "Definitive Piano Improvisation Home Study Course". I was so impressed by your teaching style that I wanted to comment on it. Any compliment I come up with would be an understatement. After looking at the DVDs I am really motivated to practice more. I have bought many other videos and learned something from each teacher and have been satisfied. But, I have never seen anyone that explains piano playing as well as you do. You put so much detail in your demonstrations that anyone can learn from it.

I have never taken a piano lesson. I am strictly self-taught. I have taught myself with books and tapes. I agree with all your e-mails from satisfied customers when they say "you are the best teacher". I will buy more videos when I master these courses!

With appreciation,
Gordon Clegg, New Fields, New Hampshire, USA


"I Should Have Taken Up This Course Much Earlier"

Hi Yoke Wong:

I received the "Definitive Piano Improvisation " course last week and am very pleased with it. I should have taken up this course when I first visited your site in 2004, and if not for the fact that I do not like to order online and have no time to practice due to work comittment I would have.
I now reailze that ordering online is completly safe and I will recommend your course to my friends who are interested in this type of piano playing. I have viewed through three DVDs, sort of going through it first before starting the actual practice. At the same time I am also going through the CDs and the manual. Your teaching instruction is clear and easy to understand.

Brenda Choo, Singapore


"You Have Made It Clear As How To Improvise!"

I have been learning a lot with this wonderful course of yours and practicing as much as I can. I know how important it is to learn and understand the structure of music. I did have a pretty good idea as how to play the melody and harmonize with chords. I did not do much with it because I was not certain and did not want to practice wrong and then have to undo and relearn again. I have been that route in the past, it is harder than to learn correctly at the beginning.
I have been having a lot of fun and enjoying my playing. You have made my learning and practicing very clear as how to improvise. I have a so called fake book with 1300 songs and I am doing much better with it now.

I love the way you play and teach. Keep up the good work. Thank you so much!!!

Jean Mosher, Tampa, Florida, USA

"I Wish I Had Saved Money And Come To You First!"

I wanted to drop a note and say how excited I am with your course. I sat down at the piano last night and couldn't believe it was me playing. Your course has it all. In the past couple of months I've purchased similar products through another website only to find that every course was a promotion to get you to buy another. I wish I had saved my money and come to you first. I can't say it enough ... Great Job!

Ernie Staaf , Pennsylvania , USA


"I Never Did Find A Teacher That Knew Much About These Topics"

Thank you so much for your help. I am really enjoying the course as I have always had a block of some kind about improv and chord usage.

I have sung the praises of your course to a couple of piano groups that I belong to and I hope you don't mind. I never did find a teacher that knew much about these topics and I am so thankful that you took the time to learn and to pass the knowledge along in such a clear manner. I am so eager for more, but am trying to hold back and learn one technique at a time.

Linda Moon, Piano Teacher, Scarborough , Canada


"There Is A Full Spectrum of Chords I Can Use"

I've been watching the videos for the last few weeks, as time allows. (Two hurricanes have kept me busy. Fortunately, no damage or injuries). I particularly like the way you explain scales and modes and combine that with technique, improvisation and runs. I've not seen that before. I'm not trapped by the I, I V , V progression for harmonizing anymore. Instead, there is a full spectrum of chords that I can use and they don't have to be "fancy" extended chords in order to get an interesting sound. I had heard and read this before but until I saw the video it didn't really connect.

Thanks for the advice!

Gene Theobald , Texas , USA


"With Your Guidance, I'm Learning How Music Works."

I apologize for the length of time it's taken me to write you. Your lessons are wonderfully instructive, and they're letting me know what I've been longing to know. I was classically trained in piano as a child. But there were a series of traumatic events and I quit music completely. Thirty years later, a dear Hospice patient needed me to sing to him. Soout came the hymnals. This resulted in my joining the local choir. Of course, I had to have a keyboard! With your guidance, I'm learning how music works. It's so exciting, and I give you deep gratitude.

Z Reeder, Arkansas , USA


"Your Course Is Just What I've Been Looking For ..."

I received the D V D course, and I am delighted with everything. The book is packed with information, and it is presented in a manner that even a novice like me can understand. The D V D 's, of course, bring everything to life. I am 56 and always loved the piano, but thought it was too late to learn.

Last year I heard about chord piano and thought I would give it a try. I didn't begin with any grand illusions; I just wanted to be able to play some popular songs for myself and my family. I have bought a couple of books and tapes over the past year, but progress has been slow. I know the notes and the chords, but there is no movement in anything I play.

Your course is just what I've been looking for, and I can already see progress. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.

Richard Farias, USA


"I Really Appreciated The Way You Put It All Together"

I managed to watch and listen to another of your DV D 's and once again really appreciated the way you put it all together so well and so clearly, but also for the natural ability that you have and that you allow to come through in its original form on your DVDs. I felt a little silly clapping at the end when your weren't there to receive my appreciation so I thought I'd tell you I very much did enjoy the course    :-)

By the way I love the chord substitution and the key composition change theory, I'll practice those when I can get to the keys.

Scotty Isaac, Brunei


"All Of My Friends Were In Shock Of My Progress In Piano Playing."

"The piano improvisation is really great, now I have improved my piano playing like a pro. All of my friends were in shock of my progress in piano playing.

Your teaching is really great, I thank God that I found your site at the internet. If you have time please make a course on how to accompany a vocalist solo on the piano. I have already an idea on how to accompany a singer but I still need a course to improve.

YOU'RE ONE OF THE GREATEST TEACHERS I'VE EVER RUN ACROSS for anyone who wants to learn the piano. I would highly recommend this course to anyone. I will never forget you Ms. Wong, God bless!

Jetmar, Hong Kong

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