2013 Piano Improvisation Contest will host its first Piano Improvisation Contest. The contest will begin on January 15, 2013, and end February 20, 2013, during which time video submissions will be accepted.


Contest is open to customers who ordered one or more of our piano courses (DVD version or downloadable version) and those who subscribed to our email newsletters.


Improvising with C major-A minor-F major-G major (I-vi-IV-V) chord progression. The music must be original. The length of the music is recommended to be within 2 to 5 minutes.

Enter in three easy steps

  1. Record - Use your smartphone, camera, camcorder, or other video recording device to record. The video must show the contestant who plays the piano or keyboard.
  2. Upload - Upload the video to YouTube (Don't know how? Learn here.) You are free to upload more than one video. The title of your video must include the words "2013 Piano Improvisation Contest (". For example: "2013 Piano Improvisation Contest ( John Smith plays Chords Fun". Please make sure to set the privacy of your upload as Public. Here is an example.
  3. Submit — Copy the URL of your YouTube video and email it to us ([email protected]) by February 20, 2013.


Finalists will be chosen based on skills, presentation, and creativity. The videos of the finalists will be posted on to be voted on by the public by March 1.

The prize winners will be the finalists with the highest votes. In the event of a tie, Yoke Wong will determine the winner.


There is one first place prize. The winner will receive a prize of $300 in cash or in Amazon gift card.

There are two second place prizes. The winner will receive a prize of $100 in cash or in Amazon gift card.