Christmas Arrangement Course 1

Experience The Thrill Of Piano Improvisation And Christmas Carols In Time For The Holidays!

"A Very Special Christmas Awaits You..."

The wonderful Christmas Holidays are almost here..

This season is also a time for music - songs of faith and love and happiness. Now, it's one thing to listen and enjoy them - it's quite another to actually play them! To sit down and create these inspiring Christmas carols melodies, with friends and family nearby - all joining in the festive spirit of the time.

Few things herald the Christmas Season as does the gathering of loved ones around a piano - singing old favorites and hallowed standards.

However you may be thinking: "That does sound splendid, but I really can't just sit down and improvise these Christmas tunes. That's way out of my league."

Not any more!

Hi - I'm Yoke Wong, and I've helped thousands of people finally learn the art and amazing fun of piano improvisation.

How It All Began

I started arranging Christmas music back in the late nineties. During that time, I was often asked to play prelude music at our church Christmas service.

It was also that same time I became a new mom. My family took precedent over my business career, so I quit my 9 to 5 and stayed home to raise my children. However, music was a god-given and inspiring part of my life, so I began compiling a series of DVD improvisation courses. The response has been fantastic, but I realized something was missing: How to improvise Christmas Music!

Of course since if there's ever a time to sit down and play for friends and family, it's the joyous Christmas season. And so, this year I made it a priority to create these special lessons:

The Christmas Arrangement DVD Course!

It's interesting: Every year I perform Christmas arrangements, it always sounds different than the year before. I know this is partly due to my improved piano-playing skills, but most of all it comes from a deepening understanding of the meaning of Christmas and Our Lord's birth.

The course I created distills my many years of knowledge and discoveries about the art of piano improvisation applied directly to Christmas arrangements.

I want you to know right from the start - you don't have to be an expert player! This special course is suitable for late beginners as well as accomplished players - and everyone in between. As long as you know the basics, like reading treble clef notes, understand rhythms, you too can be playing these songs in time for the holidays.

What's Inside?

OK! So what exactly will you find in this first edition Christmas course?

A whole lot - and more!

The course comes with 2 DVDs set - with each disk close to 85 minutes in length.



The 1st DVD covers these popular favorites Christmas Carols:
Away In A Manger (25 minutes)
Silent Night (25 minutes)
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (20 minutes)
Go Tell It On The Mountain (15 minutes)

The 2nd DVD covers:
Ding Dong Merrily On High (17 minutes)  
Carol Of The Bells (17 minutes)
O Come All Ye Faithful (25 minutes)

PLUS! You'll even get this Special Bonus Section:
(An Extra FULL 20 Minutes of Instruction!)

How To Arrange Celtic or Irish Music (Celtic Dance)
How To Use The Major 7th Chord to Arrange Beautiful Piano Melodies (Seashore Collection)
The Techniques of Alternating Base And How It Creates a Swing or Ragtime Base (Country Rag)

Now Let's Take a Closer Look at Some of these DVD Lessons ...

"Away In A Manger"

Using a simple lead sheet, you'll see how easy it is to arrange this yuletide song. Whether you're a beginner or an expert - the methods you'll learn here can be mastered by players of all levels, such as:


Mastering the Ballad Technique for the Introduction and Ending
Five Left Hand Patterns that'll effortlessly ginger-up the music
Harmonize the Melody with our Four Special Techniques

This beautiful ballad-style arrangement is a must-learn for anyone wanting to play Christmas Carols this coming holiday.


DVD Version $49


Downloadable Version $39


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"Silent Night"

This all time favorite is showcased using the spectacular blocked hand style made famous by George Shearing.

Featured are ornaments such as Rolls and Grace Notes
Discover the unique function of Passing Tones in this beautiful piece
More than 3 novel endings using our Special 2nd Chord

You'll be absolutely thrilled with the results!


"Go Tell It On The Mountain"

Add some extra spice to this lively song! You'll learn how we arrange this piece using a Latin Rhythm:

The Tango and the Bossa Nova.
More than 4 interchangeable left hand arrangement techniques!

Once you master the basics of left hand rhythm, we'll also show you the effectiveness of the right hand "twang". Your listeners will simply love this arrangement for years to come.

Now - don't worry if you think this is too advanced. The arrangement is broken down in both an easy beginner format as well as an advanced level so that everybody will learn these wonderful techniques.

"Ding Dong! Merrily On High"

 Here's a lively arrangement using my simple yet effective Two Notes Left Hand arrangements.

Create contrasting melodies with my fully illustrated cross-hand style.
Learn why different tempos are important! I'll explain how they'll help you memorize and retain musical pieces.
Listen to how we introduce the song using chime-like effects.

I'm totally confident you and your family will thoroughly enjoy this lovely rhythmic arrangement.


Regular Price $69
Special Price $49

"Carol Of The Bells"

Did you know this enchanting piece is actually a Ukrainian Carol?

In the original music, the same melody phrases are repeated over and over again almost 16 times. (Whew!)

We highlighted the left hand techniques so that everyone will be looking forward to the melody - no matter how many times it's been repeated.

The A minor, F major, and D minor chord progressions are used throughout the left hand arrangement.

This is one very beautiful arrangement! Come enjoy it with us.

"O Come All Ye Faithful"

This is the climax of our DVD Course. Find out how to build momentum by using Crescendo and Inversion Runs.

Scale Passage Runs are also showcased in this piece, and by mastering this technique you'll be able to fill up any long measures - in any song!

Frequent Octaves Notes are frequently used in this arrangement, creating enthralling, majestic effects.  

As you see, these 2 DVD's are chock full of special instructions and techniques - lessons available no where else but here. If you ever wanted to experience the joy of playing Christmas "improv" - everything you'll need to know is in this step by step course.

But that's not all ?because not only will you receive everything mentioned above - but these Special Bonuses as well!

Bonus #1: How To Create Irish/Celtic Dance

Do you know the secret behind the Irish Dance?

It's the unique cadence and rhythm, magnifying that SPECIAL Celtic/Irish sound.

In this bonus, you'll learn how to use the left hand for this special rhythmic technique while the right hand is free to improvise using a special scale tone.

If you love Irish dance, this is something you won't want to miss. This bonus alone is worth the cost of the entire DVD set.

Of course, Full Sheet Music is also provided.

Bonus #2: How To Use Major 7th To Create Melody: Seashore Collection

Have you ever heard of those sentimental ballad-style piano pieces over the radio or at the movies? If you were wondering how to achieve the same effect - wonder no more: The chord used to create these moods is called major 7th chord.

We'll show you how to combine this color chord with different voicing to create this sought after musical style. I've even included my very own special arrangement using these technique: The Seashore Collection. Complete with sheet music - once you master this technique you'll have tons of fun improvising your very own sentimental journeys!

Bonus #3: How To Create Ragtime Swings!

Do you know how to come up with that wild foot stomping swing base or alternating base style?

Don't worry, we solve the mystery in this bonus lesson. Full sheet music is provided, teaching you how to arrange the music that made New Orleans famous: Ragtime/Swing!

Bonus #4: 40 Pages Of Sheet Music And Lead Sheets

Perfect For Those Who Likes To Read Music


Regular Price $69
Special Price $49

Bundle Offer (Save 20%)

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Money Back Guarantee

Of course, this entire set is Guaranteed. Order it today. Watch the DVD's and practice along with me. If you aren't absolutely thrilled - send it back to me within 30 days. I'll refund your money.

No hassles, no problems, no questions asked. That's a full month to put this course through its paces.  

"Your DVDs Have Been The Answer For Me"

Hi Yoke,

I’ve gotten into your latest DVD about improvising Christmas music. I wanted to thank you. I’ve played piano for years but always with sheet music. I’ve been trying to break away and learn to use lead sheets and improvise. Your DVD ’s have been the answer to this problem for me. It’s strange to think that it would be hard to move away from sheet music but it’s really been a struggle because it’s all written there for you. Your DVD ’s (I think I’ve got the whole collection) have helped me to break things down in a way that I have never experienced before. I learned chord theory when I was a child, but we never used it. Now it’s all coming back and making sense to me. I’m beginning to feel much freer and more in charge of my own music. Learning more about playing from lead sheets is really exciting to me.

Barbara Saunders, Portland , USA


Christmas is a most special season - why not make it one you'll always cherish with both joy and music? It's my sincere hope these special arrangements will not only help improve your piano improvising and arrangement abilities, but increase the joy and promise of peace that only this special time of the year seems to create.

There's no doubt in my mind that once you start playing these wonderful tunes, Christmas will have a wonderful new meaning in your life as it does in mine.

If you ever wanted to experience the simple, pure fun of sitting down at your piano and just playing, feeling the thrill of your fingers work a beautiful magic almost effortlessly - and playing as the Lord intended - free, joy filled and soul inspired - why now try our course?

I truly wish you a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Yoke Wong

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"I DO want you to know how much I am enjoying the Christmas Arrangements"

I have been wanting some "new things" to do with my left hand accompaniments, and there they were in your Course. I am playing Away In A Manager and Silent Night and using the 6 variations for the left hand, and my music sounds so much nicer. Thank you.

You have put so many Varieties in the Carols, that each song sounds wonderful and Special. I never have liked playing the same accompaniment through a whole song, so what you are teaching in these Dvds is making me VERY HAPPY!

I'm trying not to let myself work through them too fast, but it's not easy when they ALL sound so Inviting.

You have put a LOT of Time, Energy and Experience into these DVDs, and it sure does SHOW. My hat is off to you, and I'm hoping there will be more in the future. I'm finally learning some new stuff, and I love it!! Thanks, Yoke and Happy Holidays. I know I'll be playing Christmas Carols this year for my family!

Doris Smith (Rusty), Phoenix , USA "

"I Love Every Minute! Your DVDs And Instructions Provide A Completely Different Result! "

Hello Yoke,

I am deep into "Oh come all ye faithful" one of my favorites. This is a real project for me, since it covers so much territory. Right now I'm trying to get a handle on the initial runs. As a beginner, I've much to learn. I've practiced Hanon and Czarny to some extent. But these runs for me are a challange (speed?!), and I love every minute.

You've done a wonderful job and your hard work is greatly appreciated.

One thing is for sure: If I can't play it correctly, I can still see and listen to it.

Over the years I've collected many a different courses of instruction, only to find that at the end it was just chords with one or two fingered melody. Disappointing to say the least. Your DVDs and Instructions provide a completely different result. And the only thing I can do is start all over again. Which is fine! Your explanations and fingering techniques are very clear. Thanks again!

Wifred Berberich , Missouri, USA

"The Christmas DVD Has Taught Me To Be A Better Improvisational Player"

Each time I view your music arrangements and explanations for how you do things, I keep getting a clearer and clearer understanding. I'm very impressed with all of the videos I have received. I need only to take time to practice your concepts and I know I will become the musician I so desire to be. Thank you very much. I have thoroughly enjoyed your instructional DVD courses. The Christmas DVD has taught me to be a better improvisational player and has given me the ability to create my own music.

Max White, Buffalo, USA "

"I Even Composed A Couple Of Pieces With The Knowledge I Gained From Your Course"

I am definitely enjoying the Christmas course. I am very slow and methodical and since I was self-taught years ago I¡¦ve had to go back to basics. But your course is very effective for me; you break down the left hand and you provide the lead sheet. I am able to practice and put it all together. Now I am able to play the Christmas carols I love with different arrangements. I am even learning to change some of the left hand on my own or add some runs on my right hand too using different intros or endings.

Thank you¡Xyour DVD course for improvisation has helped me a lot. I am really enjoying being creative now! I even composed a couple of pieces with the knowledge I gained from your course.

Florence Yip, Sacramento, USA

"I Learn Away In The Manger With Four Different Left Hand Patterns In Three Days"

The course is very educational. I have learned four different left-hand patterns for ¡§Away in a Manger,¡¨ and this only took about three days! Thanks, Andrew

Andrew Weems, Compton, USA

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