How To Play Piano Without Pausing?

Posted by Yoke Wong on 8/30/2011 to Learn To Play Piano

How can I play a new piece with both hands together without pausing?

You probably know the reason for the pausing: fluency. It’s just like speaking a language. You need to know what to say in order to speak fluently.

Piano playing is just the same. Many players, regardless of their skill level, tend to pause and stop with pieces in certain sections due to lack of fluency. Often, lack of fluency is due to lack of practice on that specific spot.

Play Piano - When Should You Start Learning Piano?

Posted by Yoke Wong on 8/23/2011 to Learn To Play Piano
You can start learning to play piano at any age! There is no age limit in learning how to play piano. You can start piano playing as early as 3 years old or in the middle of life. You can try  piano lessons here at Research shown that piano playing can stimulate the brain development, it also helps children be "smarter". Piano playing also stimulates the mind and keeps it mentally active.
Some people learned they were interested in playing the piano when they are adults - piano lessons are not just for young children; any one can take piano lessons at any stage of life.
Perseverance and patience are great qualities to have - Remember to have fun while enjoy your piano practice.
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