How to Improvise New Age Music

Posted by Piano Mother on 6/23/2014 to Inspirational Stories
Well, I will tell you honestly: I DO BELIEVE - IMPROVISATION IS A GIFT... This is 100% true in my new age case - I know almost nothing of musical theory. I was trying honestly to follow the courses on improvisation - and I find your course great, indeed! But though such courses are excellent in improving technical sides of the matter - they will not ignite the ability to hear the nature which is so important for new age music.

Is Improvisation a Gift?

Posted by Yoke Wong on 6/11/2014 to Piano Improvisation
I recently came across a video of a pianist who was improvising on the Oprah Winfrey show. I think you should take a look at the video. What was interesting about this video was Oprah's comment - "Improvisation is a gift."