Piano Lesson - Chinese New Year Song "Gong Xi Gong Xi"

Posted by Yoke Wong on 1/28/2013 to Piano Lessons
Chinese traditional new year song “Gong Xi” was written by Chen Gexin in 1946 to celebrate the triumph in Sino-Japanese War. Later the song’s lyrics were changed to celebrate the Chinese new year (lunar new year).

How Learning Piano Can Help Your Child?

Posted by Yoke Wong on 1/13/2013 to Piano Lessons

Signing up your child for piano lessons certainly is a big decision! However, on top of learning a new skill and developing a new hobby, your child will also be advantaged in other aspects of his or her life. Piano lessons are more than what they seem to be and may even help mold the person your child will be a few years from now. Let’s look at a few key points related to piano lessons: