Nobuyuki Tsujii - An Inspiration to Musicians

Posted by Yoke Wong on 1/7/2016 to Inspirational Stories

Blind since birth, Nobuyuki Tsujii has had a natural inclination for music from a young age. Tsujii began his formal piano instruction at age four, won his first prize at age six, and made his first orchestra debut at age 10. Now age 27, Tsujii has spent the past 17 years performing regularly with orchestras and giving solo recitals around the world from Tokyo to Poland to the United States.

Tsujii is an inspiration to musicians worldwide. His music is known for its depth, color, and contrast. He conveys emotion through his playing that offers hope to people facing tough times. People have even gone so far as to say that his music provides healing powers to those in need. Hope, redemption, and overcoming hardship are frequent themes in his original compositions. Transcending cultural obstacles, Tsujii has never let his visual impairment compromise his musical pursuits.

Among other impressive accomplishments, Tsujii was the joint Gold Medal winner at the 2009 Van Cliburn Piano Competition. At Van Cliburn, he also received the Beverley Taylor Smith Award for the best performance of a new work. Additionally, Tsujii was the recipient of the Critics' Award at the 15th International Frédéric Chopin Piano Competition in 2005.

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Date: 1/8/2016
Excellent he makes the music flows in the brain giving a very great feeling.
Gerald Kumpula
Date: 1/8/2016
Thank you, Yoke Very beautiful and peaceful Have a very Happy New Year
Jeri Lebar
Date: 1/8/2016
His music touched my heart. The way he touches the keys ,expression of tenderness is beautiful. Where can I buy this "Elegy" arrangement?
Bongani Khonjwayo
Date: 1/8/2016
I am touched as I am reminded of my selfishness. This is a rare gift to the world of music and piano paying community. He communicates well with the piano, gentle, soft, steady and purposeful. What a gifted player!
Date: 1/8/2016
So Beautiful.
Date: 1/8/2016
Beautiful music, very beautifully played. Very touching, inspiring, motivating. I'm very glad to know now this young artist. Thank you very much Yoke! This is a very appreciated new year's gift. I, too, would be very interested in owning the sheet music of this beautiful piece. Never give up Yoke; your help is precious.
Linton Taylor
Date: 1/8/2016
Great , Excellent
Lou Piskura
Date: 1/8/2016
There is a man whose hands, heart and mind are touched by the hands of God. Remember with God all things are possible. Lou
Silas Srinivas
Date: 1/8/2016
Piano performance of Tsujii is Excellent. So far I could not understood the method of playing music. But when I watched this video clip and comments I could gradually understood the method of playing music. I felt the softness and feel in this piano music. God Bless ! Happy New Year
Date: 1/9/2016
Very touching with his condition and playing such beautiful music. God gift !!!
Date: 1/10/2016
He is a talented young man, will always do well, Because he used what God has given him. It was warm , relaxing and good.
Thien An
Date: 1/10/2016
Thank you for sharing this inspiration performance. This encourage me to keep piano practice, and to get moving forward.
Date: 1/11/2016
Hi, the title of the Elegy is Elegy for the Victims of the Earthquake and the Tsunami. It is Tsujii's own composition.
teresita zabella
Date: 1/14/2016
I am interested in buying the dvd, so I will be able to play. Do we have a more lower price, it seems everything is so expensive. I'd been w/you since the 90's. Have attended the Los Angeles City College Basic course in the 1990,s, have learned the triads,the scales, can play the sounds by ear, but can not combine the left with the right. I like the way she plays the piano. Don' we have a much lower price? Tessie
Adebayo Samuel
Date: 4/28/2017
Said,this is great, it will be a great encouragement for others aspiring musicians,

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