New Piano Lesson - Amazing Grace

Posted by Yoke Wong on 3/23/2016 to Harmony & Melody Studio News



Dianne Palomba
Date: 3/24/2016
That was a wonderful rendition of Amazing Grace Yoke Wong is truely amazing!! Thank you for the video!
Jani Carter
Date: 3/25/2016
Thank you Yoke. I played your video of Amazing Grace over and over and over again. Terrific!!
Diane Yeager
Date: 3/25/2016
Thank you for offering Amazing Grace piano lesson I am very excited and anxious to finally be able to learn it !!
Glenda Taylor
Date: 4/13/2016
Love your style of playing "Amazing Grace". Do you have a copy of it for sale? Would love to learn to play it in that style.
Date: 5/12/2016
Thank you.
Date: 6/7/2021

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