Amazing Grace - Piano Lessons  (Digital Downloadable)
Amazing Grace Piano Lessons

Amazing Grace - Piano Lessons (Digital Downloadable)

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The piano lesson teaches you how to play Amazing Grace. It comes with four video tutorials (38 mins) with step-by-step instructions, sheet music and lead sheet . It is suitable for intermediate and advanced players and those who would like to dress up the music with different chords.

Video 1 – (7:36 Min)

  • Triplet Rhythm
  • Enhancing Triplet Rhythmic Pattern by Alternating Octave Notes
  • Going from 3/4 Meter to 9/8 Meter
  • Learn To Be Skillful at Triplet Rhythm by Practicing Each Hand Separately
  • Triplet Rhythm Run Up/Down

Video 2 – (7:28 Min)

  • More Triplet Rhythmic Patterns
  • Adding Dynamics to Triplet Rhythm
  • Dynamics and Contrasts
  • Highlighting Specific Key/Notes using Dynamics
  • Compounding Triplet Rhythm with Both Hands

Video 3 – (11:00 Min)

  • Blues Scales & Feeling
  • Sliding Notes & Blues Scales’ Formula
  • C Blues Scales
  • F Blues Scales and Others

Video 4 - (11:39 Min)

  • The Power of Suspended Chords & Runs
  • Resolving Suspended Chords To Regular Chord
  • Triplet Suspended Chords
  • How To Play Smoothly vs Choppy Playing

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