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Posted by Yoke Wong on 8/23/2011 to Learn To Play Piano
Age doesn't matter. It applies in almost everything as well playing the piano. Lots of questions and comments have popped up all over the Web regarding the appropriate age to learn to play the piano. They say some people are too old to learn to play the piano, that children who had an early start will look down on older learners or that other people will laugh at them for trying. Or maybe you want your kid to learn early but are having problems with his/her attention. Well, I can assure you there is no age limit in learning how to play the piano.

Having an early start

You can introduce piano lessons for children at a young age. This will help your children find interest on piano music. Some parents say that by playing classical music to your baby before he or she goes to sleep helps the mind and brain become more focused and clear. Its also said it helps children to be more intelligent and disciplined. Some research says that children who are introduced to piano playing at a young age shows higher self-esteem and are unlikely to get any degenerative mental diseases such as Alzheimers disease. Piano playing stimulates the mind and keeps it mentally active.

You can give children piano lessons even at the age of three, but it requires a really great, patient piano teacher. Children this young and a little older have really short attention spans. A piano teacher must give piano lessons for a toddler in around 15 minutes or less. Ages between six to 10 years old are the best ages to teach children how to play the piano. Children around these ages are curious and have an unlimited supply of energy.

In the middle of life

Some people only learned they were interested in playing the piano when they were no longer toddlers and little kids. They may be around the age of 15 or older when they realize that playing the piano could be a wonderful career or hobby. So the question is could you still play the piano?

The answer is simple, yes. Playing the piano and receiving piano lessons are not just for prodigies and children who started young. The only disadvantage is that your fingers wont be as flexible as when you were a kid. I once taught a 16-year-old guy and a 23-year-old man to play the piano. While teaching them, both noticed that I can reach notes they cant reach even though their hands and fingers are larger and longer than mine. I told them I started playing the piano when I was a kid and that my hand and fingers are more flexible. I can reach notes that seem impossible to reach. Nevertheless, you can use great piano styles that can help you reach the notes or improvise to make it work for you.

You can always learn to play the piano at any age. The only problem youll have is your frustration that you cant learn fast enough. Some students want to learn too fast, so they quit out of dissatisfaction with themselves. Perseverance and patience are great qualities to have when learning piano lessons. Remember to breath, focus and just have fun when learning how to play the piano.

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Rose H.
Date: 9/3/2011 10:46:44 AM
That's great news. My dad always want to learn how to play the piano that's why he got me piano lessons when i was a kid. I think even now he still wants to play the piano. I can totally teach him. He can already play be ear so i'll just teach him how to play the piano using chords. He's awesome with accompaniments while me not so good. Do you have any advice for us. Thanks you.

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