And I Love Her Piano Lesson

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Learn to play And I Love Her, a well-known music by Paul McCartney and John Lennon

Romance d'Amour (Spanish Romance) Piano Tutorials

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Romance d'Amour - Piano tutorials and sheet music arranged by Piano Mother

Piano Lesson - Chinese New Year Song "Gong Xi Gong Xi"

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Chinese traditional new year song “Gong Xi” was written by Chen Gexin in 1946 to celebrate the triumph in Sino-Japanese War. Later the song’s lyrics were changed to celebrate the Chinese new year (lunar new year).

How Learning Piano Can Help Your Child?

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Signing up your child for piano lessons certainly is a big decision! However, on top of learning a new skill and developing a new hobby, your child will also be advantaged in other aspects of his or her life. Piano lessons are more than what they seem to be and may even help mold the person your child will be a few years from now. Let’s look at a few key points related to piano lessons:

How to Teach Autistic Children Piano

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Autistic children are known to do very well in music lessons. For many of them, it is a great way to explore creativity and develop a myriad of skills. Many experts recommend music lessons for children with disabilities, such as autism. However, for many music teachers, these can represent a challenge. Many ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapists will try to learn just enough piano so that they can teach their own patients – however there is a difference between “knowing a little piano” and being a full-on piano educator. Knowing techniques and approaches to help autistic children learn piano is a great way to widen your clientele and be seen as an expert in this niche.

autistic children

The Benefit of Hand-written Chords Charts

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An effective way to memorize and understand primary chords for each major scale is to write them out for yourself. You might even consider writing out EVERY chord for all the major scales. This exercise will help you internalize every chord associated with each major scale.

Circle of Fifth Chord Chart

Five Important Skills for Piano Beginners

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Learning to play the piano is a bit like learning to read. A beginner piano student must master several skills before moving on to more advanced techniques. These skills may not come intuitively at first, but require repetition and practice. Stick with it, though, and spend the time to develop a solid foundation. The time you take as a beginning student will pay off later in greater fluency. Here are the top five skills you need to master initially:

12 Piano Theory Tips

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12 Important Piano Theory Tips

Learning to play the piano is a bit like learning a new language. Music is governed by rules and patterns, just as language is. Memorize and master the basic rules and you’ll find your playing improves more quickly.

Piano Theory Tips
  • A scale is a progression of notes that may be ascending or descending.
  • Key is the diatonic scale most obvious in a piece of music. For example, music written in the key of C Major uses notes close to that scale. The key signature is indicated by the sharps or flats placed after the clef at the beginning of a stave.
  • Dynamics are the seasonings of a musical composition. Dynamic markings give direction as to how loud or soft to play a passage.
  • Chords are simply the simultaneous playing of notes of different pitch.
  • The formula for Major chords goes like this: start with the root note, go up four half-steps for the mid-note, go up three more half-notes for the top note. Major key has a happy, upbeat sound.

Play Piano - When Should You Start Learning Piano?

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You can start learning to play piano at any age! There is no age limit in learning how to play piano. You can start piano playing as early as 3 years old or in the middle of life. You can try  piano lessons here at Research shown that piano playing can stimulate the brain development, it also helps children be "smarter". Piano playing also stimulates the mind and keeps it mentally active.
Some people learned they were interested in playing the piano when they are adults - piano lessons are not just for young children; any one can take piano lessons at any stage of life.
Perseverance and patience are great qualities to have - Remember to have fun while enjoy your piano practice.
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Should I Learn New Piano Songs Or Stay With Old Ones

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As I learn new songs, I forget how to play the old ones by heart. And if I want to review all the songs learned, it will take me a long time.