101-Year-Old Pianist

Posted by Piano Mother on 9/3/2020 to Inspirational Stories

A love of music-making can surpass almost any difficulties.

Greensleeves - Piano Improvised by Howard

Posted by Yoke Wong on 8/15/2016 to Inspirational Stories

I received an email from Howard Nguyen (Sydney, Australia) recently. He graciously allows me to share his email with others.

Nobuyuki Tsujii - An Inspiration to Musicians

Posted by Yoke Wong on 1/7/2016 to Inspirational Stories

Tsujii is an inspiration to musicians worldwide. His music is known for its depth, color, and contrast. He conveys emotion through his playing that offers hope to people facing tough times. People have even gone so far as to say that his music provides healing powers to those in need. Hope, redemption, and overcoming hardship are frequent themes in his original compositions. Transcending cultural obstacles, Tsujii has never let his visual impairment compromise his musical pursuits.

Homeless Man Plays Piano Beautifully in Sarasota, FL

Posted by Yoke Wong on 7/26/2015 to Inspirational Stories

Donald “Boone” Gould became an overnight viral sensation, thanks to a YouTube video of him playing the piano at Clasico Sarasota in Sarasota, FL. Since early 2015, Donald has been an integral part of the scene at Clasico, and regulars look forward to seeing him play his original arrangements on the gorgeous Clasico piano daily. He collects tips in his baseball cap while he plays. The YouTube video features Donald playing his original version of “Come Sail Away” by Styx. Published in late June 2015, currently it has over 11.5 million hits.

A Great Pianist Who Plays Music With Her Heart

Posted by Yoke Wong on 11/10/2014 to Inspirational Stories
Gui Gui Zheng, a 20 year old Chinese girl born without fingers, has amazed millions of people all over the world with her amazing piano playing.

How to Improvise New Age Music

Posted by Piano Mother on 6/23/2014 to Inspirational Stories
Well, I will tell you honestly: I DO BELIEVE - IMPROVISATION IS A GIFT... This is 100% true in my new age case - I know almost nothing of musical theory. I was trying honestly to follow the courses on improvisation - and I find your course great, indeed! But though such courses are excellent in improving technical sides of the matter - they will not ignite the ability to hear the nature which is so important for new age music.

One-Handed Pianist - Mary Grace

Posted by Yoke Wong on 1/6/2014 to Inspirational Stories

Mary was born with an arm and a leg that weren’t completely developed. When she showed an interest in playing piano at age five, her grandma approached teachers who would take her as a pupil. The first three piano teachers turned her down due to her handicap. Luckily, the fourth teacher accepted her.

What are the most important things in your life?

Posted by Yoke Wong on 9/20/2013 to Inspirational Stories
Lost his arms from an accident at age 10, Liu Wei from Beijing, China never gives up living strong. He managed to do everything with his feet and started to learn to play piano at age 19. His dream is to become a musician.

Piano Improvisation Recordings by Jackie

Posted by Yoke Wong on 9/15/2012 to Inspirational Stories

Recently I received an email from Jackie who lives in Texas. With her permission, I’d like to share her email with you.

“Hi Ms. Wong. I don't have a video, but I was able to make a recording. I started on the lesson on color chords/maj7 chords today. For the first time, I was able to play something that wasn't written on paper and it didn't sound half bad. There are a few "oopses" but I was trying to capture the moment before it escaped me. I just started playing what I felt using the Fmaj7 chord as a starting point. Wow, how liberating!!!!!!!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Modern Day's Beethoven - Steve Jobs

Posted by Yoke Wong on 10/6/2011 to Inspirational Stories

I turned on my USA Today’s app on my iPhone as usual last night. Then, I heard the news: One of the founders of Apple, Steve Jobs, passed away.

Steve Jobs was the modern day’s Beethoven in terms of influence. The world would be a different world without Beethoven’s music. It’s rare to meet someone who hasn’t heard of “Fur Elise” or “Moonlight Sonata.”