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Posted by Yoke Wong on 1/20/2011 to Piano Lessons

Music is a gift and is an integral part of our lives. There are many kinds of instruments and each instrument has a unique sound. Piano is an instrument that has a distinct and mesmerizing sound. Only a few possess the talent of playing on a piano. If a person possesses the skill of playing the piano, then he/she must be benevolent enough to share it with others.

Many people teach piano to a gamut of people, who belong to all ages. Piano cannot be taught in a day. It takes years and sometimes decades to learn piano. A particular teaching method may produce good results with children, but cannot be applied, while teaching adults. An approach that is convenient for a specific set of students, has to be devised, to make teaching effective. Piano teachers must encourage the students and change their approach, according to the students they teach.

Teaching piano

Prior to learning piano, a student has to get accustomed to piano keys and the sounds. The early lessons comprise of playing scales, hearing different pitches for every key, etc. The lessons concerned with reading music must be introduced gradually, while teaching piano. The advanced lessons have to be taught patiently by the teacher. A teacher must be thorough with every bit of the lesson, before teaching it. He/she must use a teaching material effectively, for the benefit of the students.

Teaching children

Teaching piano to children can be an exciting thing to do. A piano teacher must be very tolerant, while teaching kids. Children tend to make mistakes, in the process of learning and a teacher must correct them patiently. They need to be motivated and the teacher must evoke interest in them, to learn piano. Lesson plans that are apt for kids are available in various websites and even in many books. A teacher must use his/her creativity to innovate on the existing lesson plan and customize it, to suit the children.

Teach adults

Teaching adults can be tough, since adults get frustrated, when they do not get things right. Piano learning is no exception, so a piano teacher must be ready to counsel them and correct them, every time. Adult learners have to be convinced and motivated, constantly. A piano teacher must be ready to answer all their queries and change the teaching method, if necessary, in a class filled with adult students.

Teaching from home

To earn some extra cash, a person can teach piano, from his/her home. One needs to find a comfortable place and time to teach piano. A piano teacher, who teaches from home, must allow the students to use his/her piano, if necessary. If a teacher teaches a heterogeneous mix of students, who are of different ages and aptitude, then he/she has to devise new teaching strategies and lesson plans. A teacher has to modify the lesson plan, according a student’s aptitude and skill.

Piano Resources Online

An impressive array of materials is available online and in books, for teaching piano. After referring to these materials in the websites, a piano teacher can devise a comprehensive program to teach piano. Piano lessons must be streamlined and must have a specific structure, which allows the students to learn piano, step by step. A piano teacher can also seek the help of experienced musicians, while devising lesson plans and teaching strategies.

Any art form perseveres and stands the test of time, only when it is passed from generation to generation. Teaching many to play the piano is a great contribution that any piano teacher can make to music. Sharing knowledge only multiplies it!



Ayeni Emmanuel Ayo
Date: 5/21/2011 2:30:58 PM
I agree with you on hints on teaching pianos to children as well as adults. It ia always good to impart musical knowledge to interested candidates who are very much gifted and willing to learn. I am a music teacher with over twenty years experience. we are musical instruments dealers in Nigeria and this trade has exposed me to various piano makes and manufacturers having studied in U.S. in the 70's. Thank you.

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