Hand Coordination, Runs And Fillers (DVD Lessons)
Hand Coordination, Runs & Filler Piano Lessons on DVD

Hand Coordination, Runs And Fillers (DVD Lessons)

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ISBN-13: 978-1424338467

The video lessons show you how to:

  • Play piano smoothly with both hands;
  • Coordinate left and right hands;
  • Train left hand to play independently;
  • Fingers will be more flexible with various exercises;
  • Play runs and fillers to ornate your music;
  • Use chords in creating runs and fillers;
  • and many more...

The course comes with 3 DVDs (3 hours video lessons) and 1 exercise booklet (91 pages). Suitable for intermediate and early advanced piano players. The downloadable version is available. The video lessons feature:

DVD #1
  1. Staccato/Legato Exercises
  2. Ascending/Descending Exercises
  3. Root Fifth Exercises
  4. Dynamics Exercises
  5. Dynamics Contrast Exercises
  6. Chords/Dynamics Exercises
  7. Dynamics Control/Tone Exercises
  8. Dynamics Control/Touch Exercises
  9. Contrary Motions Exercises
  10. Articulation/Dynamics Exercises
  11. Hand Coordination Exercises
  12. Thirds/Sixths Exercises

DVD #2
  1. Sixths/Thirds Exercises
  2. Left Hand Patterns
  3. Root/Fifth/Octave Patterns
  4. Intermediate Ballad 1 Exercises
  5. Intermediate Ballad 2 Exercises
  6. Intermediate Ballad 3 Exercises
  7. Runs & Fillers Exercises
DVD #3
  1. More Runs & Fillers Exercises
  2. Arpeggios & Runs Exercises
  3. Arpeggios & Runs in Contrary Motions Exercises
  4. Runs & Melodies Exercises
  5. Ragtime & Swing Exercises

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5 Stars
If you would like to play with ease songs like those in Ms. Wong's Fake Book 2 instruction videos, you should definitely go through the excellent demos and exercises provided in these runs and fillers lessons.
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Reviewed by:  from USA. on 11/4/2016
5 Stars
Your piano course is worth my money
Dear Piano mother,All of your piano instruction courses are first rate and worth the money I paid for them. You are a great teacher. I'm doing an extensive study on chord progressions.
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Reviewed by:  from NEW JERSEY. on 9/7/2015
5 Stars
hand coordination, runs and fillers
So, I bought this program awhile back now and at the beginning I was using it but didn't get very far into it and stopped using it. That was the biggest mistake I could have possibly done. Even though I currently am on the 2nd DVD I've learned so much its crazy, I can feel that my coordination has improved considering Im not at the intermediate level yet but I feel that I am improving. This course is definitely a keeper for sure.Thanks Again Yoke Wong!!
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Reviewed by:  from california. on 2/6/2014
5 Stars
The "Hand Coordination, Runs & Fillers" course is a great educational package
When I received it, I watched all 3 DVDs the same day. I am gradually applying lessons from all 3 of them (even slowly playing arpeggios with both hands in two octaves to start). I like the broken arpeggio using the RH fingers 1-3, then 2-5 in alternating alliteration. What I really want to do is just to be able to see a piano somewhere and sit down and play music that sounds good. My musical tastes run the gamut from jazz to popular to classical and just about everything betwixt and between. Thanks for some wonderful lesson...
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Reviewed by:  from Arizona. on 5/25/2013
5 Stars
Yoke Wong's Piano Courses
How can a person find lost Joy? Order . . ., practice & play Ms. Wong's music courses @ Harmony & Melody Studio! I have always wanted to learn how to play the piano like I hear other people play that really know how to play . . . , and I am learning, with so much Joy, because of Ms. Wong's amazing guidance via her teaching in each lesson of her courses. I now have something enjoyable to do on rainy days:)
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Reviewed by:  from Lake Placid, NY. on 5/23/2013

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