Doll's Dream

Doll's Dream is a shortened version of the title Puppchens Traumen Und Erwachen! (or, Doll's Dreaming and Awakening)  by German music teacher and composer Theodore Oesten (1813-1870). Born in Berlin, Oesten played both wind and stringed instruments, then studied composition in his late teens. His compositions, largely influenced by the sentimentalism of his era, largely come to us today in the form of simple piano works with titles such as A Little Story, Heavenly Bliss, Love in May, Snowbells' Spring Carol, and Forest Roses. Also among his works are opera transcriptions, again done in a lavish and emotive style.

When you play Doll's Dream, you may especially enjoy the contrast between the beginning section—with its leisurely, almost lullaby pace—and the middle and ending sections, which are far livelier. You can easily sense the transition between a doll "going to sleep," then "dreaming" and "awakening" to want to make her dreaming come true. Be sure to play the chordal accompaniments to Doll's Dream smoothly and resist the urge to go too far toward a march-type approach. Even with the rapid scale passages above it, this accompaniment shouldn't sound choppy, but just nice and solid…as if your hands are forming good, firm ground for the doll's adventures! If a doll can dream, this music certainly describes that kind of dreaming vividly.

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