Ballade Pour Adeline - Richard Clayderman

Posted by Yoke Wong on 10/7/2018 to Popular Songs

I am excited to share that I attended a piano concert featuring Richard Clayderman at Benaroya Hall in Seattle, Washington during his USA tour. It was a beautiful experience as I was able to watch the pianist I grew up loving play wonderful music I loved and still enjoy.

If you, too, grew up listening to piano music in Asia, chances are you have heard of Richard Clayderman, a popular French pianist. A few of his famous piano pieces include Ballade Pour Adeline, Mariage D’amour, Nostalgy, and many more. His music is considered standard repertoire for pianists who enjoy playing modern ballad music.

Although many pianists do not consider Clayderman’s music to be difficult to play in comparison to the classical music of Chopin or Liszt, his music still adequately fits in the intermediate to early-advanced skill range.

While I too grew up learning classical music, I did not find classical music particularly exciting to play. When I was a teenager, my piano-playing friends and I gathered in groups, each playing individual pieces; I overheard someone played Ballade Pour Adeline by Richard Clayderman and for the first time I fell in love with his music. Soon after, I asked my piano teacher to teach me Clayderman’s songs. Before I knew it, I was practicing his music for many hours, growing increasingly more passionate about this sentimental ballad music type. It was to the point where I started to arrange and improvise on music.

I realize there are many genres of piano music and therefore it is important to experiment with different styles of music to become truly interested and passionate about piano playing. Therefore, I feel especially fortunate to have heard Richard Clayderman’s music at a young age. His music helped me appreciate modern ballad music and contributing to my hours of piano practice. It also made me interested in exploring different improvisational styles. Yes, his music may not be technically challenging, but they are certainly beautiful and pleasant to one’s ear. Even now, I can still play many of his music by memory. The melody and harmony of his music are well arranged and composed, making it very easy to memorize.

If you have not heard of his music, I encourage you to check this video below; I specially recorded his Ballad Pour Adeline. Sheet Music of Ballad Pour Adeline is also available.

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Peter S.
Date: 10/8/2018
What a beautiful music! Thank you for sharing the video. I hope to be able to play like you one day.
Lynn Nuthals
Date: 10/9/2018
This has been one of my favorite songs for many years!
Arthur Glover
Date: 10/9/2018
This is the first time I've ever heard this song. It is beautiful.
Debra Ann Petitan
Date: 2/12/2020
How coincidential! The only other person I know who knows Richard Clayderman is Dame Shirley Bassey. He appeared on her TV show in the 70's. He is my favorite pianist apart from classical pianist of the 30's, 40's and 50's who played only "The famous European Concertos." I have over 20 of Richard Clayderman's CD's and I so enjoy his style of playing. Thank you for playing his music and sharing this talent with those who do not know of his work.
Kutampil Kan
Date: 4/22/2022
Great!, Awesome!, Thanks a lot.

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