7 Piano Tips For Beginners

Posted by Yoke Wong on 10/19/2011 to Learn To Play Piano

You’ve researched several piano teachers, asked for references, and found an ideal teacher-student match. Or you’ve purchased your piano DVD lessons and materials and made room in your schedule for lessons. Now it’s time to start. Most beginning piano students feel excited, but slightly nervous about starting piano lessons. How quickly you progress depends in large part on your focus, dedication and resourcefulness. Below are 7 tips to help you get off to a good start.

  1. Set aside a consistent time everyday to practice. You’ll progress rapidly if you practice piano daily and the faster you progress the more you’ll enjoy the experience.
  2. Eliminate distractions from your practice sessions. Turn off the television and computer and don’t answer the phone. Practice uninterrupted for at least 30 minutes to get the most from your practice time.
  3. Listen carefully to your teacher’s directions and read any notes before you begin practicing. If you are taking lessons on DVD, watch the program several times.
  4. Break challenging pieces of music down, learning only a few measures at a time. Don’t just repeat mistakes, but go over difficult passages slowly until you get them right.
  5. Listen to a variety of musical styles, including classical music. You will begin to hear chords, dynamics and other elements of music that will assist you in your playing.
  6. Speak up. Ask your teacher for clarification if you don’t understand something. If you don’t feel comfortable talking with your teacher, you’re going to have a problem down the road. Send your teacher emails or call her/him up.
  7. Enjoy every positive success, and don’t get discouraged. Learning to play the piano is a lot like learning to read. Adults usually enjoy reading, but don’t remember how hard it was to learn. Like reading, learning to play the piano requires focus, repetition and steady, but slow progress. You may feel like your plodding along, but with persistence, playing the piano becomes an intuitive, enjoyable experience.



Judy S.
Date: 10/19/2011 3:02:26 PM
I love your piano webinar! Thank you for sharing with us your talents. I can tell you enjoy teaching music and sharing your passion!
Steven Chang
Date: 10/19/2011 3:06:37 PM
I just signed up for the piano webinar on 10/20. Can't wait for it. I find it hard not to be distracted. It is a challenge to spend 15 minutes on practising without getting distracted by text message or emails, or cell phone. LOL
Rose H.
Date: 10/20/2011 4:44:14 AM
Thanks for the advise! All of it does make sense. I want to sign up for your piano webinar but i don't have a piano to practice with. My parents are buying me one soon. And i can finally get back with my piano lessons. I'll sign up for sure. Thank you.
Date: 10/20/2011 8:39:03 AM
The piano tips you wrote here is very helpful especially to beginner piano students. Thanks for sharing them.
Ismail S.
Date: 10/21/2011 9:01:14 AM
I am a beginner and really anxious to learn how to play piano. This article is surely helpful. I will keep these piano tips in mind. Thanks!
peter tasi
Date: 12/9/2016
I am really eager to learn how to play the piano

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