121 Left Hand Piano Styles

121 Ways To Make Your Left-Hand Piano Playing Come Alive

Ever wonder how to make your left hand come alive without routinely playing the basic left-hand arpeggio styles?
Are you tired of playing the same old boring three-note blocked chord?

Our 3 DVDs piano course, 121 Left-Hand Piano Styles, will help you enjoy hours of piano playing using a total of 121 left-hand piano styles and patterns that will amaze your listeners and even professional pianists.

The course comes with three DVDs and a 150-page binder of worksheets and complete sheet music. Each style is demonstrated in detail with application to familiar songs.
DVD #1 (60 minutes)
12 Solid Rock Styles
6 Slow Rock Styles
2 Alberti Bass Styles
3 Rhythmic Octave Fifth Styles
2 Rhythmic 10th Styles
4 Tango Styles
4 Rhythmic Latin & Rock Styles
5 Cha Cha & Bolero Styles
4 Syncopated Latin Styles

Sheet Music Sample

DVD #2 (58 minutes)
4 Bossa Nova Styles
2 Rhumba Styles
2 Latin Fusion Styles
5 Swing Bass Styles
5 Walk Up & Down Styles
4 Rolling Chords Styles
2 Tremolo Styles
12 Boogie Styles

Left-Hand Style Sample Exercise

DVD #3 (55 minutes)
Rotational Patterns
Waltz & Swing Waltz
Alberti Bass, Jazz Waltz
Mixed Waltz
6/8 Tempo & Styles


More Sheet Music Sample



121 Ways To Make Your Left-Hand Piano Playing Come Alive

DVD Version $79


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The course demonstrates these techniques using the following songs: Puff the Magic Dragon, Frosty the Snow Man, Scarborough Fair, Traditional Love Song, You Are My Sunshine, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Aura Lee, Auld Lang Syne, House of the Rising Sun, Memory and more.

You can now order this brand new course with the following bonuses.

1. How to use chord progression (vi-V-I) as
a. Introduction
b. Ending
c. Fillers

This bonus comes with a downloadable sheet music and one MP3 audio file (Digital Format)

2. Ballad Endings 3 great ways to end any song in ballad styles. This bonus comes with a downloadable 9-page printout and audio files. You can apply these endings on any 3/4 songs (Digital Format)

Yes, - I Can't Wait To Get 121 Left Hand Piano Styles

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