121 Left Hand Piano Styles (DVD Lessons) - 3 Monthly Payment Plan
121 left hand piano styles

121 Left Hand Piano Styles (DVD Lessons) - 3 Monthly Payment Plan

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The video lessons show you how to:

  • Make your left hand playing become lively without routinely playing basic left-hand arpeggio styles or block chords;
  • Play a song in different styles;
  • Turn a classic or old song into a pop/contemporary song;
  • and many more...

The course comes with three DVDs (3 hours video lessons) and a 150-page binder of worksheets and complete sheet music. Each pattern is demonstrated in detail with popular songs. The downloadable version is available.

DVD #1

  • Solid Rock Pattern (12 Styles)
  • Slow Rock Pattern (6 Styles)
  • Alberti Bass Pattern (2 Styles)
  • Rhythmic Octave Fifth Pattern (3 Styles)
  • Rhythmic 10th Pattern (2 Styles)
  • Tango Pattern (4 Styles)
  • Rhythmic Latin & Rock Pattern (4 Styles)
  • Cha Cha & Bolero Pattern (4 Styles)
  • Syncopated Latin Pattern (4 Styles)

DVD #2

  • Bossa Nova Pattern (4 Styles)
  • Rhumba Pattern (2 Styles)
  • Latin Fusion Pattern (2 Styles)
  • Swing Bass Pattern (5 Styles)
  • Walk Up & Down Pattern (5 Styles)
  • Rolling Chords Pattern (4 Styles)
  • Tremolo Pattern (2 Styles)
  • Boogie Pattern (12 Styles)

DVD #3

  • Ballad Patterns
  • Arpeggiated & Rotational Patterns
  • Waltz & Swing Waltz Pattern
  • Alberti Bass, Jazz Waltz Pattern
  • Mixed Waltz Pattern
  • 6/8 Tempo & Patterns

The course demonstrates these techniques using the following popular songs:

  • Puff the Magic Dragon
  • Frosty the Snow Man
  • Scarborough Fair
  • Traditional Love Song
  • You Are My Sunshine
  • The Battle Hymn of the Republic
  • Aura Lee
  • Auld Lang Syne
  • House of the Rising Sun
  • Memory
  • and more...


Bonus 1:
Ballad Endings – 3 great ways to end any ¾ song in ballad styles. This bonus comes with a downloadable 9-page printout and audio files. You can apply these endings on any 3/4 songs (Digital Format)
Chord Progression
Bonus 2:
How to use chord progression (vi-V-I) as
a. Introduction
b. Ending
c. Fillers

This bonus comes with a downloadable sheet music and one MP3 audio file (Digital Format)

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