101-Year-Old Pianist

Posted by Piano Mother on 9/3/2020 to Inspirational Stories

A love of music-making can surpass almost any difficulties. Take Antonio Cadenas, for example. He's someone who's suffered immensely under the affliction of both Alzheimer's Disease and time, but has managed to eke out some incredible tunes on the piano. It's truly amazing what a man who's just recently entered his hundred-and-first year of life can do on an instrument. In the video, you can see Antonio wonderfully perform Lagrimas y sonrisas, by Juan D’Arienzo.

You can witness just how powerful of an experience making music is. Antonio's life and talent is simply a true testament to piano-playing and music-making. I'm truly thankful to be able to hear and see this venerable man share his musical talent. Thank you, Antonio. If you'd also like to share the joy of music like this admirable elder, why don't you check out our courses below!

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