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Definitive Piano Improvisation (Downloadable Lessons)
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Definitive Piano Improvisation (Downloadable Lessons)
Definitive Piano Improvisation Downloadable Version
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Definitive Piano Improvisation Downloadable Lessons

Best Tool for Improvisation Award Winner

Compatible with iPad, iPhone, and other tablets

The video lessons show you how to:

  1. Play piano without depending on sheet music;
  2. Play piano by ear;
  3. Play piano with different chords and chord progressions such as I-IV-V, ii-V-I, I-IV-I, I-vi-ii-V7, and I-vi-IV-V7;
  4. Substitute a basic triad chord with seven other chords;
  5. Re-arrange the melody and chords to make a song sound more beautiful;
  6. Compose your own song using distinctive special effects: thrilling, mellow and warm, chime effect, thunderous, nostalgic, dream-like, etc;
  7. and many more...

The course features 26 special improvisational techniques and comes with 69 video lessons (11 hours), 128 audio exercises, one manual (142 pages) and many bonuses.

Section 1

Pentatonic Scale and Improvisation
Whole Tone Scales & Improvisation
Black Keys & Improvisation
Chords & Improvisation
Play By Ear
Right Hand Arrangement Techniques
Section 2

Left Hand Arrangement Techniques 1
Left Hand Arrangement Techniques 2
Slash Chords & Improvisation
Latin Rhythm Chord Progression
Canon & Improvisation
Country Western Improvisation

Section 3

Color Chord - Major 7th
Color Chord - Dominant 7th
Chord Substitutions
Chord Substitutions Exercises
Relative Minor Scales
Color Chord - Minor 7th
Major and Minor Scales Improvisation
Silent Night Improvisation
Middle Eastern Scale Improvisation
Left Hand Harmonizing (Middle Eastern Scale)

Section 4

Modes & Improvisation
Dorian Modes
Phrygian Modes 1
Phrygian Modes 2
Lydian Modes
Myxolydian Modes
Locrian Modes
Extended Chords
9th Chords
11th Chords
13th Chords
Polytonality 1
Polytonality 2

Section 5

New Age Style
Left Hand Minor Patterns (New Age Style) 1
Left Hand Minor Patterns (New Age Style) 2
Left Hand Ostinato Patterns (New Age Style)
Melody Improvisation
Blues Improvisation
12 Bars Blues
Transposition 1
Transposition 2

Section 6

Gospel Style
Alternate Base/Ragtime Techniques
Amazing Grace (Ballad Style)
Amazing Grace (Gospel Style)
Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)
Aura Lee
Morning Has Broken
Michael Row The Boat Ashore
Good Morning To You (Happy Birthday)
What A Friend We Have In Jesus
How Great Thou Art

If you ever wanted to play like an improv master - this is the perfect home study course! This is the exact same course that's sold thousands of copies in more than 50 countries. Suitable for both intermediate and advanced piano players - you'll soon be improvising with the best of them (of course with some practice!!). 

Sample Exercises / Excerpts from Manual



Jazz Chord
Simplified Walking Bass & Jazz Worksheets (Online Version)

These fun worksheets drill on left-hand walking bass and come with numerous interesting short and easy musical pieces for you to play and enjoy.

Carl Czerny Bonuses
Carl Czerny Velocity Exercises Op. 599 & 299 digital version (82 pdf pages) - A must for any pianist who wants to improve on virtuosity and technique.
Digital Piano Chord Chart
Digital Piano Chord Chart (Downloadable PDF Format) - all major, minor, augmented, diminished, major 7th, minor 7th, dominant 7th chords - a total of 12 pages.
Inspirational Music
Yoke Wong's inspirational moments digital sheet music collection (39 pdf pages).
Feature: ISBN-10: 1424338443
Feature: ISBN-13: 978-1424338443
Feature 6

Feature 7
Feature 9
Customer Reviews Average Rating reviewView All Reviews
I liked it very much, for many things.
I liked it very much, for many things. Videos are fine, well done, practical to use in iPad, with a proper duration to be useful in one/one and a half sessions of practice, which is my case, as an amateur pianist. Content is very interesting, speech clear and well delivered. Written material and audio support for it is also fine and full of precious information. Congratulations for the great work.
Reviewed by: Elio from Brazil. on 10/8/2012
Definitive Piano Improvisation Course
In just looking at the first videos, I have gained so much information on improvisational skills. Ms. Yoke Yong thoroughly explains all video material in a concise way. There is so much instructional information in this course; and I am looking forward to viewing and learning more from the videos about improvisation. Ms. Yoke Wong makes it easy to understand and applicable to piano playing. After finishing this course, I believe that it will take my piano playing to a whole new level.
Reviewed by: Chuck Garcia from Orange, CA. on 8/1/2012
Well named as "Definitive"!
I'm only about 1/3 through this course, but can say already have learned so much. Well named as "Definitive", an exhaustive study of so many improvisational techniques, presented in that clear, easy to understand, and charming fashion that is Yoke Wong! Suitable for beginner through intermediate, and anyone who's interested in improving their playing while enjoying the process!!
Reviewed by: JudyRae Harbin from Monroe, NC..USA. on 7/22/2012
My world on the piano has opened.
Since I have started to listen to Yoke Wong course "Definitive piano Improvisation" I can tell that my world on the piano has opened. I used to be very dependent on the music sheet, and would never play without it. I could play advanced enough pieces, but dont ask me to play "Happy Birthday". Since I have started Yoke Wong courses, I feel like the playing of piano has become demystified. I have been able to arranged a few songs, find the chords and make it sound nice, thanks to the tips Yoke Wong is giving. It feel so comfortable playing, because I know what I'm doing and my eyes are on the keyboard only. And this is a great pleasure to be able to play the songs I like.

I would like to add that Yoke Wong explanations are always concised and to the point. It is often as the "Egg of Columbus", which refers to a "brilliant idea or discovery that seems simple or easy after the fact" (quote from Wikipedia). Sometimes she review basics, but shortly, and she comes to her point right away. She speaks clearly and tell only what is needed - one can already watch clips on YouTube just to get an idea.

In conclusion, if I happen to be somewhere where is a piano, I can play, I do not need a music sheet neither feel embarassed because I cannot play without music sheet. In one sentence, I feel now a kind of freedom while playing piano, and this happened since I have listen to Yoke Wong "Definitive piano Improvisation".
Reviewed by: Lucie from Stockholm, Sweden. on 4/30/2012
It makes it a pleasure to play each lesson
I am absolutely impressed with the Definitive course material that you have sent me. I have made huge steps forward with the first 11 lessons and the great thing is I improving with very little effort. Advancement is so subtle it makes it a pleasure to play each lesson one after the other with many pauses in between. Being a Tae Kwon-Do Instructor I am of the belief that one must "eat an elephant one bite at a time" to succeed at tasks.
Reviewed by: Brian Stewart from New Zealand. on 8/5/2011
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