I Dreamed A Dream

Posted by Yoke Wong on 7/17/2018 to Popular Songs
To be honest, the first time I heard of this song was on Britain's Got Talent 2009. Susan Boyle made her angelic musical debut when she sang "I Dreamed a Dream" beautifully back then. You should have seen Simon Cowell's reaction when he heard of Susan's rendition of the song. 

And I Love Her Piano Lesson

Posted by Yoke Wong on 6/7/2018 to Piano Lessons
Learn to play And I Love Her, a well-known music by Paul McCartney and John Lennon

Greensleeves - Piano Improvised by Howard

Posted by Yoke Wong on 8/15/2016 to Inspirational Stories
Piano played by Howard from Sydney, Australia and his testimonial

How to Play Lead Sheets on Piano

Posted by Yoke Wong on 5/18/2016 to Piano Improvisation

Many instrumentalists and vocalists use lead sheets. If you've spent any time browsing online music stores, you may have noticed items marked “lead sheets.” On first glance, a lead sheet may look confusing or intimidating because it doesn't have a lot of notes. How are you supposed to know what to play or sing? However, the simple layout offers a number of benefits over traditional musical arrangements, which may open up new doors for your piano playing.

Romance d'Amour Piano Tutorial (Part 1)

Posted by Piano Mother on 5/4/2016 to Piano Lessons
Learn to play popular classical music - Romance d'Amour

About Us

Posted by Yoke Wong on 3/31/2016 to Harmony & Melody Studio News
The article tells you who we are and our policy on our product and services.

New Piano Lesson - Amazing Grace

Posted by Yoke Wong on 3/23/2016 to Harmony & Melody Studio News

Watch the video clip of the piano lessons.

How to Order Our Piano Courses?

Posted by Piano Mother on 2/26/2016 to Harmony & Melody Studio News

No matter where you live (inside or outside the United States), you can easily order our piano course by choosing one of the following methods.

Nobuyuki Tsujii - An Inspiration to Musicians

Posted by Yoke Wong on 1/7/2016 to Inspirational Stories

Tsujii is an inspiration to musicians worldwide. His music is known for its depth, color, and contrast. He conveys emotion through his playing that offers hope to people facing tough times. People have even gone so far as to say that his music provides healing powers to those in need. Hope, redemption, and overcoming hardship are frequent themes in his original compositions. Transcending cultural obstacles, Tsujii has never let his visual impairment compromise his musical pursuits.

How to Play Piano with Small Hands?

Posted by Yoke Wong on 9/12/2015 to Learn To Play Piano
One common concern among youth and adult piano players alike is the size of their hands. Throughout history, many of the top piano composers and performers have been known for their large hands. For example, both Liszt and Rachmaninoff can reach 12 note spans. There is no question that this capability is an asset for mastering certain technical piano skills. However, pianists with small hands are still just as capable of capturing the attention and hearts of their listeners.