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What musical style do you like? Do you like Yoke Wong's piano style? Yoke Wong has composed and arranged a number of her music on this page.

Yoke Wong's Inspirational Sheet Music 

Yoke Wong's Hymn Sheet Music

Free Christian Piano Sheet Music:

If you are a church pianist, or someone that enjoys inspirational hymns and praise music, you can download our Free Christian Piano Sheet Music, from the Christian sheet music category.

Easy Piano Sheet Music:

Our easy free piano sheet music are available for download and printing. You can save the audio files by right click "save target as". If you are a piano teacher and would like to use the piano sheet music as a teaching tool - feel free to do so!

Free Chinese Piano Music:

If you are into Chinese piano music, you will enjoy our Chinese piano sheet music collection featuring arrangement of Teresa Teng's Moon Represents My Heart and The Story of Little Town.

Free Piano Duet Music:

We also provide easy to intermediate level of music scores for piano duet. If you like to team up with another piano player, our piano duet sheet music section is right for you.

Free Christmas Carols:

Christmas carols sheet music section is dedicated to those who enjoy Christmas carol music. There are a variety of musical styles ranging from easy, intermediate, to advanced levels on this section.

Free Classical Sheet Music:

We also have special for our classical music lovers. Check out Scott Joplin's Entertainers, Maple Tree Rag, and many other famous classical music scores.

Below is a special section that comprised mainly of Yoke Wong's composed/arranged music.

Hope you enjoy our music, let's continue to make beautiful piano music. Below are more free sheet music arranged and composed by Yoke: