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Modern Day's Beethoven - Steve Jobs

Posted by Yoke Wong on 10/6/2011 to Inspirational Stories
Steve Jobs Death
I turned on my USA Today’s app on my iPhone as usual last night. Then, I heard the news: One of the founders of Apple, Steve Jobs, passed away.

Steve Jobs was the modern day’s Beethoven in terms of influence. The world would be a different world without Beethoven’s music. It’s rare to meet someone who hasn’t heard of “Fur Elise” or “Moonlight Sonata.”

Today, the world has changed because of Jobs’ innovative products. I felt so sad. We lost someone who was talented and gifted and who contributed so much to the late 20th and 21st century modern technology.

Many people come and go, but some leave a void no one can fill. Steve Jobs was one who left behind a world of innovation and excellence. I have always admired his leadership and his creativity. It would be hard to live a day without using his inventions; The iPod, iPhone and iPad have become an important part of our lives. These are the first things we turn to the moment we wake up.

Also, he was the first to integrate the mouse with a commercially produced computer . Think about that for a minute. Thousands of applications in the iTune store wouldn’t exist without his pioneering work. We have so much to thank him for. 

One lesson Steve taught me well: Strive for excellence. Dream the undreamable and reach for the unreachable. He also taught me to serve my customers/piano students with dedication and passion.

My friends, have you raised your standard of piano playing today?

Steve sure inspired me to become a better piano teacher and deliver better services.

Steve, many will miss you. May the peace and grace of the Lord be with Laurene, your family and loved ones.

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Henry Foster Date 10/6/2011 5:11:03 PM
Thank you for sharing this video with us, Yoke. I am humbled and inspired by the great work of Mr. Steve Jobs. He had left behind a great legacy for everyone of us.
Laura Date 10/6/2011 5:32:33 PM
It is sad...we lost a great inventor and leader. Steve Jobs taught us a lot, he taught us not to give up!
Robin Generaux Date 10/6/2011 6:48:42 PM
Thank you Yoke for being so sensitive and kind. Steve Jobs was indeed the greatest leader and innovator of our time and I am so thankful for him and all that he has done. But you know, the one thing he taught us, which I feel is most important, is not to give up on yourself. We only know Steve's success, but surely there were a lot of failures along the way. And, as you know Apple fired Steve Jobs! And yet, he went back when clearly he didn't need to because he still had something great to ac
Arthur Date 10/6/2011 6:59:55 PM
Thank you Yoke for sharing this video with us.
Jack Cerveny Date 10/6/2011 7:31:20 PM
The world lost a great inventor and due to the hard ecomomic times comming it will be years before we have another.
Rocky Avila Date 10/6/2011 7:51:37 PM
To dream the impossible dream -- to reach the unreachable star is my mantra. Thank you, Yoke, for sharing this beautiful and impressive speech of Steve Jobs. He will be immortalized not only in our hearts but also in the world of computers and electronics.
Joseph Date 10/6/2011 8:35:59 PM
The above video is truly both touching and motivating. Thanks for sharing.
judex Date 10/6/2011 9:26:05 PM
I love Classical Music. The Great Composers came to offer us those beautiful Music. Steve Jobs came to pack those beautiful Music in our pocket. Steve, rest in peace. You have played your part on this World Stage. Bravo 1000 times !
John Date 10/6/2011 10:16:45 PM
I never knew Steve Jobs but I knew macs, ipods and ipads and in my opinion they are the highest level of modern technology. Thank you Yoke for sharing with us briefly about the man behind these great inventions. May his soul rest in peace as his legacy remain with us forever.
Patrick Saxon Date 10/6/2011 10:17:12 PM
I admired Steve Jobs as he has allowed all of us to be creative in many ways. Such as making it easy for us to learn how to use musically related software, recording and the best Apple operating system in the world. We are blessed to have experience the technology provided by Steve Jobs! What a great influence he was and may God bless him and take him home to Heaven.
Teddy Boughen Date 10/6/2011 11:14:27 PM
Thank you for the privilege to listen to Steve Jobs. Likewise thank you for you encouragement to continue with the piano. Though my stroke is now 7 years past I have still not recovered enough to have my fine motor skills at their best so I use Henry Geehl hand development exercises every day. What is your assessment of Geehl? Please let me know. Also I have much angst in using the combination of Piano and computer. Is there any way I can from here in Australia, get hold of all your tips and
nitin jain Date 10/6/2011 11:43:22 PM
Thanks a million Yoke for sharing this inspirational video and truth of life. Thankx once again.
Richard Udoituen Date 10/7/2011 2:16:53 AM
Stars appear to light up and brighten their space;when they disappear, darkness beclouds again; but some, even when they disappear,the light shines on because other surrounding bodies and objects have been so infused by the brightness that they keep glowing long afterwards. Steve,you were ons of such stars! Though you have disappeared sosoon, your light shines on-on our home/office desks, pockets,ears, laps palms etc.The world may forget you a short while from now, but I-pod, I-pad, mac...! Than
Emmanuel Kitumba Abubaker Date 10/7/2011 4:41:36 AM
Too motivative
stanley mutua Date 10/7/2011 5:58:11 AM
he was a great innovator,he was a great icon he will be missby many and the gap left between is great, he played his part what about us, let we with passions of electrinics do more research to push the tach world be were his wish was to make him proud whenever he is.God bless him!
A Sham Date 10/7/2011 9:32:03 AM
Thanks you Yoke, for sharing with us this very touching and motivating video.
Kathleen Date 10/7/2011 9:51:04 AM
Thanks so much for this. What a wonderful and inspiring man.
Josephine Lucia Clarke Date 10/7/2011 10:13:21 AM
May the good Almighty GOD be with those left behind, and thank HIM for giving us such a talented human being. May all those related and his direct family be blessed so that one or two of his siblings may be gifted enough to follow the great footsteps of PAPA, God Richest BLESSINGS on him and may his Dear soul rest in peace. xxx
Greta More Panayiotou Date 10/7/2011 7:59:05 PM
Thank you Yoke for sharing your feelings and insight into the man and nature of Steve Jobs. He was a real genius. I hope that many of our youth would aspire to be like him...quietly thinking outside of the box.
Allan Date 10/8/2011 4:53:37 AM
Steve Jobs was an inspiration. Thanks Yoke for the video it too was motivational
Van Anh Date 10/8/2011 7:58:42 AM
Thanks Yoke for sharing this video. We lost a great person but he's always still alive in our mind. Great Steve Jobs
Diana Date 10/10/2011 3:44:49 AM
"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish", that's Steve encouraged all the graduates on the video. And he demonstrated this slogan very well in his life. Thanks for sharing this video.
Undra Wilbourn Date 10/11/2011 1:29:59 PM
Thank you so much for sharing this video. I needed to hear this today. How I have a better out look on my life. I'm more thankful and I will work harder on what I whant to give to others in life.
steve Date 10/12/2011 8:51:25 AM
A truly outstanding man and what a great speech.One to inspire everyone in life.His humble beginning in life and journey through education all came together inspired by his natural and foster parents efforts that he should hopefully succeed which he truly did in great style.What a man...
Sr. Matilda Lazarus Date 10/16/2011 10:32:19 AM
Thanks a lot for Job's inspiring speech. He is an unforgettable person in this world. may God grant him eternal rest and bless his family.
Sr. Matilda Lazarus Date 10/16/2011 10:34:53 AM
Thanks a lot for Job's inspiring speech. He is an unforgettable person in this world. may God grant him eternal rest and bless his family.
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