Piano Chord Improvisation

It doesn't take a genius to improvise. Everybody can. In this lesson we will show you step by step how you can improvise using very few chords. Once you know the technique of improvisation, this skills can be applied in composing piano pieces, piano arrangement and in almost any piano pieces.

How to improvise using very few chords?

We will demonstrate by using the C, F and G7 chords.
C Chord  - consists of C, E, G
F Chord - consists of F, A, C
G7 Chord - consists of G, B, F (or G, B, D, F)

Improvise with C Chord

  1. Try to play the C chord (in block chord, three notes down together in both hands).
  2. Try to play the C chord in different inversions.
  3. Listen to our sample:

Improvise with F Chord

  1. Repeat the same procedure for the F chord
  2. Listen to the F chord sample:

Improvise with G7 Chord

  1. Repeat the same procedure for the G7 chord
  2. Listen to the G7 chord sample:

Don't worry about the sound you make; it takes some practice to sound better. The more you try, the better it becomes. Before you know it, you're making up a lot of songs from scratch.

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