Piano Improvisation with Chords Progressions

This lesson shows you how to use piano chords to improvise. We will be using G major chord, C major chord, and D major chord to improvise. Watch this short 5 minute video and start mastering piano improvisation.

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"There Is A Full Spectrum of Chords I Can Use"

I've been watching the videos for the last few weeks, as time allows. (Two hurricanes have kept me busy. Fortunately, no damage or injuries). I particularly like the way you explain scales and modes and combine that with technique, improvisation and runs. I've not seen that before. I'm not trapped by the I, I V , V progression for harmonizing anymore. Instead, there is a full spectrum of chords that I can use and they don't have to be "fancy" extended chords in order to get an interesting sound. I had heard and read this before but until I saw the video it didn't really connect.

Thanks for the advice!

Gene Theobald , Texas , USA