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Kawai Piano Reviews

Posted by Yoke Wong on 2/21/2011 to Learn To Play Piano

Kawai Musical Instruments Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a very reputable company to purchase your musical instrument from. They are most known for their pianos, digital pianos, as well as electronic synthesizers. Kawai is a Japanese company and is like Honda to the car industry. Kawai is comparable to Yamaha, which is also in the competition. Both companies offer premium pianos at affordable prices.

Japanese pianos have a unique and appealing tone. Their tones are brighter when compared to the mellow tones of European companies. The Japanese pianos are suitable for jazz, classical and other popular styles of music. Because these pianos are industrialized, they're rapidly produced and offer a variety of styles. Although they're not hand-made, this does not jeopardize the sound quality. In his book Larry Fine rated the Kawai piano four out of five stars. He also mentioned it was the best value for the money when compared to other companies.

When purchasing a Kawai piano, you must decide between an upright piano and a grand piano. The upright pianos are between 42 and 51 inches in height. I suggest purchasing an upright piano thatís 46 inches and higher. Anything below 46 inches does not have enough power. The grand pianos also come in a variety of styles and the length varies, depending on whether itís a baby grand or a full grand. Typically, the grand pianos that are 5 feet, 8 inches and more in length have a better sound quality because of the power. In general, it's better to purchase a taller upright piano than a smaller baby grand.

Kawai also has a line of digital pianos. When it comes to digital pianos, the manufacturer makes all the difference. Each company produces a line of digital pianos that has a distinct feel and sound.

The distinctness comes about because of how they sampled the sounds, the sound output design, key action design (weighted keys) and the overall appearance. One of the main issues with digital pianos is that after a few years they may malfunction. This is a particularly good reason to go with a trustworthy company such as Kawai; longevity is very important. It's always important to research the company you're interested in purchasing a piano from. Kawai pianos come from a long line of fantastic pianos, which is why I usually recommend them. It's no wonder that the Kawai legacy is, "Never-ending quest for perfection."

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lester Date 9/14/2011 8:51:20 AM
read this. which makes me have second thought on the purchasing the baby grand.
jenn Date 1/25/2013
Hi..I need ur suggest which kawaii us5x or yamaha u1h is good ..both I do. Like it bht I have no idea which suit to my 8yrs daughter.. thanks
Odette Date 2/8/2013
I saw an used BS-3C upright Kawai. Is it good ? Is it better then the new k6 now or it's similar ?
Pamela Date 11/17/2013
I am glad for that bit ofadvice regarding choosing a Piano. I believe I have to get one because the key board can only do so much, and I only can get it later on next year.Thanks for your advice.Will work to suit
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