Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace Piano Sheet Music

Amazing Grace is one of the most recognizable songs in the English speaking world. First written and published by John Newton in 1779, the clergyman wrote the inspirational hymn which relates, that despite committing sin, the soul may be delivered from despair through the mercy of God.
Originally written in England, the hymn was quickly adopted by early American Baptist Christians, and by 1799 had been transposed into four variations. By 1830, Amazing Grace music had crossed denominations, with the Methodists and Presbyterians including the hymn in their services.
A popular and powerful religious movement, the Second Great Awakening, took the hymn across America in the nineteenth century. Unprecedented gatherings of thousands learnt and sang the tune which offered salvation, along with the fiery preaching of hell-fire and brimstone. There were over twenty melodies up to 1835, when the lyrics were joined to a tune named New Britain, which remains the recognizable contemporary version.
In the 1960s the hymn was transformed into several versions and became emblematic of the African American gospel service. Within the twentieth century, Amazing Grace was recorded over one thousand times. Today it is estimated Amazing Grace is performed over 10 million times annually, and remains undoubtedly the most popular folk hymn of all time.
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 Amazing Grace